The Ahmad Raza Khaan Papers Part 10 – His Belief & Explanation of Wahdatul Wajood (Unity of Existence)

The Ahmad Raza Khaan Papers

Readings in  His Works

A Radd on Ahmad Raza Khaan Hanafee – The Soofee Churchfather

Replying to GF Haddad, Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmad, Asraar Rasheed and the likes of them from the Soofiyyah

The Reply to al-Albaanee and his Friends – Ahmad Raza Khaan and his Friends

comp. Abu Hibbaan & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari


Ahmad Raza Khaan Hanafee was asked about the aqeedah of Wahdatul Wajood ie does Allaah exist as part of his creation, he is  incarnate in the creation. This is a vile disgusting belief and Shirk. This is the teaching of Ahmad Raza Khaan Hanafee, the propagation of Wahdatul Wajood is evident in Ahmad Razas statement which clearly highlights his belief and on the same page he goes onto explain this belief which shall be posted later. There is no room for any excuses or explanations of Ahmad Raza Khaans statement

“I Say: What does Wahdatul Wajood mean?

ANSWER: Existence is for the essence of Allaah and everything else that exists other than him (ie Allaah) are based solely on his projection/shadow hence in reality the (his) existence is one.” (Malfoozaat 1/75)


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