BOOK – Kitaab Raf al-Yadain by Abu Asaakir al-Araaqee

Available to BUY Via Paypal Pay: BOOK: £1.99 POSTAGE: £1.50   This book was compiled in direct refutation of Riyadh ul-Haqs book Salah of the believer 2001 and some copies were released but due to unforseen circumstances most of them had been gathering dust.

And The Crosses Broke – PART 3

And The Crosses Broke How I became a Muslim From Riyaas Peter to Abdullaah PART 3 – Final And Finally I Found The Truth In the same days I found out about another Islamic Centre by the name of Jaamia tul-Ehsaan, so I phoned them and told them I was researching Islaam and I would…