These Dawah Leaflets are FREE to download and to distribute, there is no copyright (without any distortion or changes to the original text). We have formatted these Dawah leaflets into PDF’s and made it easier to print and to distribute.

We can also print any of the leaflets below in larger quantites and post them to you. For further information email AhlulHadeeth-owner@yahoogroups.com.

The administrator and contributors of AhlulHadeeth WordPress would like to thank the brothers for their constant advice and encouragement which has led to the production of these dawah leaflets. Finally, AhlulHadeeth Wordpress would especially like to thank Abu Qudaamah for his outstanding effort and all of his hard work. The dilligence and continuous propagation of Abu ash-Shaikh and Abu Fudail. Jazakallaahu Kharain Faa Ahsanul Jazaa

Tasfiyyah Wat Tarbiyyah Series

Series Compilers Abu Hibbaan & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari

Understanding Tawheed & Shirk Series; article no.1

Tawheed of the Prophets – Worship Allaah Alone 

(PDF→ Tawheed of the Prophets TT1 TS1

read online https://ahlulhadeeth.wordpress.com/2011/07/23/understanding-tawheed-shirk-series-no-1-tawheed-of-the-prophets-%e2%80%93-worship-allaah-alone/

Understanding Tawheed & Shirk Series; article no.2

The Importance & Greatness of Tawheed

(PDF→ The Importance & Greatness of Tawheed  TT2 TS2 

Read online https://ahlulhadeeth.wordpress.com/2011/08/06/understanding-tawheed-shirk-series-no-2-the-importance-greatness-of-tawheed/

Understanding Tawheed & Shirk Series; article no.3

The Types of Tawheed & Their Correct Understanding

 (PDF→ The Types of Tawheed & Their Correct Understanding TT3 TS3

read online https://ahlulhadeeth.wordpress.com/2011/08/22/understanding-tawheed-shirk-series-no-3-the-types-of-tawheed-their-correct-understanding/

Understanding Tawheed & Shirk Series; article no.4
The Benefits of Tawheed (!Coming soon!)

An Introduction to the Salafi Da’wah

PDF > Introduction to Salafi Da’wah

Read online https://ahlulhadeeth.wordpress.com/2011/09/03/an-introduction-to-salafi-dawah/

The Salafi Da’wah with Respect to Other Jamaa’ahs – Imaam Muhammad Naasir ud deen al-Albaanee

3 thoughts on “DAWAH LEAFLETS

  1. I am Nadeem Akhtar from India..
    Came across to this site..
    Alhamdulillah, I am also from Ahle-Sunnah Wal Jamat..

    Masha-Allah, You all have done great job.
    May Allah gives, you all, the rewards for your works.. Jazakallahu khaira..

    I have one questions for you ..
    That in the Dawah leaflets “ Introduction to the Salafi Dawah” — you have mentioned the names of big scholars –
    But some you didn’t mentioned like —

    Nasai, Baihaqi, Tirmidhi, Ibne Khuzaima, Ibne Hajar, Ibne Hibban, Hakim, Az-Zuhri, Darqutni, (Rahemahullahu Anhum) and many more…

    My question to you is that are they not Salafs Swaleheen ???

    Please reply also to me..

    Jazakallahu khaira..

    Nadeem Akhtar Qureshi

    • they are, based on their methodology in following the actual salaf, but according to the accurate and most correctly understood definition they are not actually salaf.

  2. mashaAllah very good research and effots to clear many conceptions and confusions spread among the Muslim Ummah because of taqleed (blind following) and and not getting closer to Qur’aan and Authentic Ahadeeth.jazakAllah khayran may the Almighty Allah accept your efforts and give people hadayah to come to the true Islam which is Qur’aan and saheeh Ahadeeth aameen,also may Allah subhanahu wa t’aala help you in dawah and good cause and protect you all from the mischeif of muqallideen and enemy of towheed and Authentic Sunnah Aameen ya Rabbalaalameen.plz continue this pure dawah with sincerety and love for the whole Ummah,jazakAllah khayran wa ahsanal jaza.

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