The Ahmad Raza Khaan Papers Part 8 – Other Than Allaah Can Fulfill Our Needs & Calamities According to Ahmad Raza Khaan

The Ahmad Raza Khaan Papers

Readings in  His Works

A Radd on Ahmad Raza Khaan Hanafee – The Soofee Churchfather

Replying to GF Haddad, Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmad, Asraar Rasheed and the likes of them from the Soofiyyah

The Reply to al-Albaanee and his Friends – Ahmad Raza Khaan and his Friends

comp. Abu Hibbaan & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari


According to Ahmad Raza Khaan other than Allaah can help us with our needs and calamities

“There are certain people of Allaah, who he has singled out to remove the calamities (or fulfillment of needs) of the creation (ie people) and people while being worried and fearful take their needs to them (for fulfillment or for removal of their calamities) and these people are safe from the punishment of Allaah.” (al-Aman Wal-Ula pg.29)


How far fetched is this concept that Allaah has singled out certain people for the fulfillment of the needs of the creation, one begs the questions when will we ever need to ask Allaah himself!!! Well never according to Ahmad Raza Khaan as according to him Allaah has singled out people that can help us with our needs and calamities. This is the trick of shaytaan in making us negligent in calling and seeking help and assistance from Allaah Alone. It is indeed correct what the people have said that the mushrik is always stupid. 

If these needs were worldly needs why would the people go to them they could go to anyone so why these special people? Therefore it must mean those issues or needs in which a normal person cannot help them and they must resort and ask such special people who have a rank or status with Allaah according to the bareilwis and other soofees, as they believe these people have been singled out. Therefore it is permissible to ask them for help.

This is clear and manifest shirk, we only ask Allaah for help and he is the one who can only fulfills all our needs. Is this not shirk to ask these for help irrespective of if they have been singled out to help the creation. If the bareilwis soofees claim these people are righteous and have taqwaa and we can ask them for help, then this also is incorrect as we can only ask them them make dua for us and not that we ask them for help or they are here to help us with our needs. As mentioned earlier remember Ahmad Raza Khaan is not referring to the worldly needs because if this was the case he would believe that Allaah has singled them out.

This is further proved from the remainder of his statement that these people are safe from the punishment of Allaah. Who is that can make such a claim that he will be safe from Allaahs punishment save those who abstain from shirk and do righteouss deeds and this is still except from what Allaah wishes. This shows that Ahmad Raza Khaan here means holy saints that can help us will all our needs, during their lifetime and after their demise. This is the Shirk Allaah warned us about in the Quraan that they the Mushriks had made intermediateries and interceeders with Allaah.

May Allaah save us from the tyranny and oppresion of Shirk. Ameen  


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