The Ahmad Raza Khaan Papers Part 9 – Auliya Control This World & Its Affairs

The Ahmad Raza Khaan Papers

Readings in  His Works

A Radd on Ahmad Raza Khaan Hanafee – The Soofee Churchfather

Replying to GF Haddad, Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmad, Asraar Rasheed and the likes of them from the Soofiyyah

The Reply to al-Albaanee and his Friends – Ahmad Raza Khaan and his Friends

comp. Abu Hibbaan & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari


Ahmad Raza Khaan Hanafee said

“The existence of the earth and its welfare, death and life of the creation, reverence of the religion, safety of the ummah, fulfilling the needs of the people, and their guidance are all  via the waseelah (intercession) of the Auliyaa, with their blessings, their control and their vastness.” (al-Aman Wal-Ula pg.34)


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