The Howling Begging Plea and Cry Of The Unknown Abu Zahra (aka Faqir) To Stop Talking About the Ahnaaf

The Howling Cry of the Abu Zahra (aka Faqir), the Muqallid of Abul Hasan

Please find below a comment Abu Zahra (aka Faqir) left on the blog, it was so childish we never even gave it too much thought, it was full of veracious venom and pure hatred based on a childish mentality tit for tat.

We advise you brothers to humble yourself and open year hearts to seek the truth, do not make your hearts so hard that you begin to reject the truth. Even after the great month of Ramadhan where we have been constantly aiming to worship Allaah and seeking his pleasure our brothers are just full of anger and hatred. Humble yourselves and seek the truth. This name calling is of no benefit and neither will your anger and hatred for the Ahlul Hadeeth and Ahlus Sunnah change anything. By using derogatory words and stooping so low and leaving threatening comments is a sign and indication of your hizzbiyyah and your arrogance and I fear it will become a reason for you to deny the truth. Do not hate people so much that you yourself push yourself away from the truth

The comment below just shows the venom and anger at the truth and the exposition of the people who manipulate the truth. Furthermore continual usage of threats are not likely to deter us, infact they will make us more stronger and firmer in upholding the Sunnah and highlighting the truth.

The reality is you paste and write on the Internet with just a kunyah and so you are majhool and this gives you some safety but really if you were the men you think you were you would mention your names and where you are from. The brothers are known who they are what they do and never hide themselves as for you then Allaah knows your reality and how brave you really are.

Look at the threat I quote, “That will be a promise if he and his buddies don’t stop lying against Ahnaf and also Shaykh Abul Hasan.” why are you so bitter and upset its okay for you to call our scholars derogatory names. Listen if you are half the man that you are go and do as you want, the brothers are neither scared nor succumb to such childish playground tactics. Infact on this basis the brothers will now write even more just on the account of what you said so now you are solely responsible.

Be men and take what comes your way and if you can’t handle it then stay of the Internet and find a different hobby other than swearing and name calling. We are not here to call you names or belittle you and by you doing this to the brothers won’t affect them in anyway rather it shows your level of integrity and uprightness. Concocting issues and taking them out of context, which is something you are very good at won’t make any difference at all

As for the rest of the ilmee issues, (which no doubt you will have difficulty comprehending as you or Abul Hasan are no scholar) brothers your just Hanafee Muqallids so stick do doing Taqleed. If you were upon the Haqq you would not have had a childish outcry like, stop talking about us please and if you carry on I’m going to report so and so to the professional bodies. Your just a trouble maker causing disunity by being stubborn and arrogant humble yourself and seek the truth, Allaah will make it easy for you, ask Allaah and he will never deny you.

Lastly if you can’t handle the truth or reality then just stay away and be quiet and for us we have more pressing issues to deal with and if you have too much time on your hands then please look for something else to do don’t waste our time. now that you have been responsible for us to right more about the lies of the Ahnaaf and Ahlur Rai because you thought you were some Internet thug and hurling threats now reap the rewards of your action.

Don’t waste our time, busy yourself and read the Quraan and ahadeeth with an open heart so that Allaah guides you Ameen. We wish good for all of you.

Tell us first who is “Abu Asaakir” and then we will tell you who wrote al-Albani unveiled. A good bargain.

Also, let me see your proof that Abul Hasan = Faqir = Abu Zahra

You people are known as LIARS by your ex-pseudo-Salafi distorters from

Where is your rudud on spubs O cowards?!

Show us where there are quotes from A’zami directly? Or Kawthari for that matter. Or that Shaykh Abul Hasan has been “caught out”

Rather, it is you lot who write articles and don’t usually bother mentioning the compilers identity O plagiarisers of the works of Zubayr Ali Za’i al-Muftari.

And the liars should also proove that our Shaykh is a “Sufi” on some Tariqa and that he is a Barelwi or Deobandi for that matter. Come on, be men for just once and bring on the proofs and leave this post for all to see.

You can tell the optician that I will personally report him to his profesional body for spreading hate and lies.. That will be a promise if he and his buddies don’t stop lying against Ahnaf and also Shaykh Abul Hasan.

Don’t forget you fools also rejected the whole of the Musnad Ali ibn Ja’d+ 10 hadiths in Sahih al-Bukhari – as you wrote that ibn Ja’d was a Shi’ite LIAR… Lahawla wala quwwata illa billah

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