The Halaalah and Insanity of Abu Zahra (aka Faqir) and Abul Hasan- The Hanafees

Abu Zahra (aka Faqir) the enemy of the Ahlul Hadeeth, Ahlus Sunnah said, “Here is an expose on your Talib: (a clip from utube) Leave the link if you are not cowards.”

after your howling plea comes this, one would think you have reached the depth of insanity. Why on earth we leave a futile link by a refuted invidiual on this Blog, Wake up if your still under some influence. It amazes us how childish and how ignorantly you behave and again it shows you lack comprehension and your vehement abhorent anger. Please seek counselling.

Dear readers our brother Abu Zahra under the guidance of Abul Hasan posted a utube video of someone by the name of Ilyaas Ghumman who has been severely criticised, reprimanded and rebuked by the Scholars of Ahlul Hadeeth abundantly. Suffice to say Ilyaas Ghumman said himself he was born out of Halaalah and those who do not know what Halaalah then it is a polished up version of Mu’ta which is temporary marriage. The hanafee madhab allows Halaalah and the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alalayhee Wasallam) cursed the one who did Halaalah and the one who asks for it to be done.” (Ibn Maajah).

Abu Zahra (aka Faqir) do you know what Halaalah is? if not im sure your shaikh!!! Abul Hasan can tell you.

Abu Zahra aka Faqir remember your promise, we shall keep our side of the promise, watch this space all courteousy of Abu Zahra al-Hanafee and Abul Hasan al-Hanafee

2 thoughts on “The Halaalah and Insanity of Abu Zahra (aka Faqir) and Abul Hasan- The Hanafees

  1. Its really surprising to see that how Ahnaf can commit one sin to rectify another sin. They allow triple talaq in one sitting as three talaq which is against the sunnah of Rasulullah (SAW) and then to rectify it, do halala which is accursed by Rasulullah (SAW). This is a clear proof that if you leave the sunnah of Rasulullah (SAW), you will be doomed.

    • we could not agree more, as you rightly said for us it is just sticking and adopting the Sunnah and where are differences to apply the islamic sciences like usool al-fiqh and mastalah to rectify any apparent contradictions. The peple of innovation have started a new trend that all fiqhee differences are allowed and rectification is deemed an attack. The muqallideen even under the garb of Ahlul Hadeeth should learn the difference and clear distinction between khilaaf and ikhtilaaf because the moment everything to them is iktilaaf.

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