The Religion of Soofism – Shaikh Muhammad Yahyaa Ghondalwee

The Religion of Soofism.

By Abu Anas Muhammad Yahyaa Ghondalwee.

Trans: Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari

The famous soofee Abu Bakr Shiblee said he was taught tasawwuf (ie given the Khirqah-cloak) by Junaid Baghdaadee and he by his uncle Saree Saqtee and he by Ma’roof Karkhee and he by Dawood Ta’ee and he by Habeeb Ajmee and he by Hasan Basree and he by Alee (Radhiallaahu Anhu) and he was taught tasawwuf by the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Was-Sallam).

 This is the Silsilah that is very famous according to the soofee’s and the basis of soofism is based upon this chain but this silsilah is based upon total lies and it is a fallacy according to the great scholars of hadeeth.

 Imaam al-Muhadditheen the teacher of Imaam Bukhaari, Imaam Alee ibn al-Madeenee said,

 “Hasan al-Basree only saw Alee in Madeenah when he was a child.”

 Imaam Abu Zur’ah said,

 “Hasan al-Basree did see Alee but he did not hear (narration’s) from him.”

 Imaam Ibn Abee Haatim said,

 “When the oath of allegiance to Alee occurred in Madeenah, Hasan (al-Basree) was only fourteen (14) years old then Alee went to Koofah and Basrah and Hasan was not able to meet him again for a second time.” (Kitaab al-Maraaseel Ibn Abee Haatim (pg.31).

 From the statements of these Imaams it shows Hasan al-Basree only saw Alee (Radhiallaahu Anhu) during a time of tribulation and at the age of 14 and unknown he would have been able to get to Alee. It is also inconceivable that Alee would have left the major and minor companions and gives the inner secrets of tasawwuf Ie the Khirqah (cloak) to a 14-year-old boy.

 This is why Shaah Waleeullaah Dehlwee said,

 “According to the soofee’s he attribution of Hasan to Alee is correct but the Scholars of hadeeth do not consider this to be correct or authentic.” (al-Intibaa Fee Salaasil al-Awliyaa (pg.31).

 The Scholars of Hadeeth traveled city to city to learn hadeeth and its sciences however they were unable to acquire information concerning the fallacy that the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Was-Sallam) might have given Alee a cloak of inner knowledge.

 The famous scholar of hadeeth Allaamah Saklhawee, Imaam Ibn as-Salaah and Imaam al-Hadeeth Haafidh Ibn Hajr Asqalaanee have all said this narration of the Khirqah (ie cloak) is a lie and fabrication.

 So Haafidh Sakhawee said,

 “Ibn as-Salaah said it is baatil (false)….. and Ibn Hajr said it is a lie and slander that Alee gave Hasan the inner cloak of knowledge. And according to the Imaams of Hadeeth it is not established that Hasan heard from Alee and that he received the cloak of inner knowledge.” (al-Maqaasid al-Hasanah (pg.331).

 Allaamah Taahir Muhaddith of Hindh also mentioned the statement of Haafidh as-Sakhawee and said after,

 “This incident is false and fabricated.” (Tadhkirratul Mawdhoo’aat (pg.191).

 Similarly the famous Muhaddith Allaamah Taqee ud deen said,

 “This is not established from Alee authentically.” (Kashf al-Khafaa of Ejloonee (2/138).

 Imaam Ibn Hajr al-Asqalaanee said,

“The evidence for the khirqah narration is not narrated via an authentic, hasan or weak chain and that which has been narrated is false and lies.” (Kashf al-Khafaa of Ejloonee (2/138), al-Maqaasid al-Hasanah (pg.331)

These were the statements of the scholars of hadeeth that the narration, which mentions the beginning of the soofee’s to be baseless and false. So you should think yourself now, that which has been based upon lies and fallacies how can one hope for good and blessings from it.

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  1. dear sir,


    i would like know more about soofism, the right and wrong of it. please be kind enough to send the same to my email ID

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