Soofees Praying Their Daily Salah On the Arsh (Throne)

We know and you know your thinking WHAT!!! Exactly, the Soofees, Asharees, Matureedees, Mutazilee Jahmee Murji’s have been saying for years by denying and making their illegitimate ta’weels and hiding behind their doors of tafweedh that Allaah cannot be above the seven heavens and rising over his Throne, because this establishes a direction jiha for Allaah etc etc.

Whereas in reality all this time the soofees, Asharees and Matureedees have been secretly going up and praying on the Arsh! So Allaah jallo Wa A’la does not rise over his Throne because the Soofee Asharees say so and this is what they tell the world, like Mr Kawtharee did. Why, so that they can have the Arsh to themselves to pray. Na’oodhobillaah Min Dhaalik. Or is because they are manifesting their belief in the Greek, paganistic Hindu belief of Wahdatul Wajood?

The famous Soofee of the Asharees and Matureedees, Fareed ud deen of India, also known as Ganj Shakar, and he died in 669H, he said,. “The people of Soofism (Ahlus-Tasawwuf) offer their prayers on the Arsh (of Allaah) on a daily basis.”

We would like to know what Abul Hasan/Abu Zahra/Abu Maryam/Faqir/GF Haddaad etc… think, of course they will say misguided soofees, whereas it these same type of people who propagated the beliefs which are corrupting the pure essence and teachings of Islaam and this is what the above individuals are promoting. May Allaah save us, Ameen

asrar cover


(Asraar al-Awliyaa pg.49)

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