Suicide Operations Are NOT Defenestration At The Enemy – Shaikh Dr. Hamad Al-’Uthmaan

Translator: Taalib Alexander In this article professor Hamad al-‘Uthmaan, Professor in the department of Prophetic Traditions (Hadeeth) and Qur’aanic Exegesis (Tafseer), the Faculty of Islaamic Law and Islaamic studies at the Kuwait University, discusses the difference between Suicide Operations and defenestration (the act of throwing oneself at the enemy in the hope of killing as…

Imam Qataadah Ibn Diaa’amah Sadoosee Basree

A’imah tus-Salaf wa-Ashaabul Hadeeth compiled by Abu Hibbaan & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari First Published 2000  His Birth And Lineage His kunyah was Abul-Khataab. He was a great scholar and a famous memoriser of hadeeth. He was also blind. He was born in 60H and was a well known explainer of the Qur’aan.