Criticisms Of The Creed & Methodology of Sayyid Qutb

 Adapted from: al-Irhaab by Shaykh Zayid al-Madkhalee [May Allah have mercy upon him) (1435H)

Adaption: Taalib Alexander

1. Falsely accusing Mu’awiyyah and ‘Amru Ibn al-‘Aas (May Allaah be pleased with them both) with ‘lying’, ‘religious hypocrisy’, ‘cheating’ and ‘deception’.

2. Claiming – falsely – that the caliphate of ‘Uthmaan bin ‘Affaan (May Allaah be pleased with him) was a discontinuity or a gap between the caliphate of ‘Umar Ibn al-Khattaab and ‘Alee bin Abi Taalib (May Allaah be pleased with them both);

3. Allegorical interpretation of Allaah’s attributes, such as His Throne;

4. His declaration that there does not exist, in his time, a Muslim society on the face of the planet – a blanket declaration of apostasy of the Muslim world;

5. His declaration that the masaajid of the Muslims – in the Muslim lands – are ‘temples of Ignorance’;

6. His distortion of the declaration of faith to mean that ‘there is here is no rulership except for that of Allaah’, rather than, ‘none has the right to be worshiped in truth but Allaah’.

7. His rejection of affirming the ‘al-Akhabar al-Aahaad’ in creed, going against the position of the People of the Sunnah;

8. Affirming some of the principles of socialism;

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