The Innovated Jamaat – Jamaat ut-Tabligh – Allaamah Tuwaijiri

Jamaat ut-Tabligh
Profound words of Shaikh al-Allaamah Hamood bin Abdullah bin Hamood at-Tuwaijiri summarising them in one paragraph,

QUESTION: How are jamat ut-tabligh? What is the correct understanding with regards to the two different views about this jamaat. Some people say it is good jamaat and support it whilst others oppose and refute it. They also say they have read the fatwa of Shaikh Muhammad ibn Ibrahim who remained silent about this jamaat and he did not refute or rebuke them. So what do you advise with regards to them and should we go out in khuruj with them in the kingdom of saudi arabia?

ANSWER: My answer is that jamaat ut-tabligh is a misguided jamaat and it is an innovated jamaat. This jamaat is not upon the way the Messenger of Allaah (Salallahu Alayhi Wassalm) or the way the companions were upon. This jamat is upon the way and on the manhaj of the soofiyyah which is also innovated. The founder of this innovated jamat was Muhammad ilyas who fabricated 6 principles for them. This individual was deobandi and he was on the tariqah of the chistiyyah….. (Qaul al-Baleegh Fi Tahdheer Min Jamat ut-Tabligh pg.2)

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