Part 3 – Untearing Madkhalism Outside In – Shaikh Rabee ibn Hadee al-Madkhali

From a cassette recorded in Ramadhaan 1423H with Shaikh Rabee al-Madkhalee (posted on AnaSalafi.Net)
Question: The followers of an Innovator, are they put alongside him in (the issue of) boycotting?

So the Shaikh, may Allaah protect him and watch over him, said, “The one who is deceived amongst them is taught O brothers, do not be hasty, teach them and explain (the matter) to them, for verily many amongst them desire goodness, until even the Soofiyyah. By Allaah if their had been a [strong] Salafee effort [in da’wah] you would see them entering Salafiyyah both in groups and in singles. 

Thus, do not let the principle with you be just hajr.. hajr.. hajr.. hajr.., and the foundation is just hajr! The foundation is to guide the people, to enter the people into goodness. The issue of al-hajr can sometimes be understood wrongly, when you boycott all of the people then who will enter the Sunnah? 

This type of boycotting was in the days of Imaam Ahmad, the world was full of Salafiyyah, and when Imaam Ahmad would say “so and so” is an Innovator, he would drop, but as for now Salafiyyah is like a white hair in a black ox. The basic foundation with you is the guidance of the people, and saving them from falsehood, be gentle with the people and invite them, and draw them near, if Allaah wills, the gathering of the Salafees will increase, and you will win over many amongst the people. 

As for when you are bloated and puffed up, like this, and all of the people are astray, and you do not advise or anything or make any clarification, this is a mistake… the meaning of this is blocking the doors of good in the face of the people. So the [situation] with you should not [just] be one of rebuke… rebuke 

Boycotting, when he says, “boycott”, it is possible an Innovator will return, he is compelled to return, he sees the whole world is in front of the Salafees, so he is compelled to return… as for now, he turns like that but he does not see any Salafees, so he remains with the people… so be aware of these things. 

The principle that should be with you, as the foundation, should be the guidance of the people, entering them into the Sunnah and saving them from misguidance, this is the principle that you should have, have patience, bear (harms) and so on… and after all that the final thing is cauterisation. As for it (the boycotting) being at the first instance! This is a mistake may Allaah bless you. 

The principle that you should have is to rescue the people, by Allaah, many people have goodness in them, they desire goodness…, if they are just left in the mosques, what will they seek? They desire Paradise O brothers,  they desire goodness, however the ways (in calling them), let your ways (asaaleeb) remain wise, by Allaah, the merciful and wise ways. The one who perceives that you are not exalting over him, when he perceives that you are exalting over him, he will not enter with you, he will not desire the truth from you, however be humble with him, will he not go alongside you, be gentle with him, call him with wisdom, and if Allaah wills, many people will enter. 

All (the people) of India used to be deviant, grave-worshippers, and then Ahl ul-Hadeeth came with knowledge and wisdom, they won over millions of people with their wisdom and knowledge, (just) three or four from the senior students of the Shaikh Nadheer Hasan, they turned India upside down with their wisdom and knowledge. There was one amongst them that Allaah put to trial! An innovator came and struck him with a pick-axe, until he was finished, and died according to what he saw, then they came and took this criminal and threw him in the prison. When the man got up from his unconciousness, he said, “this is the one who struck me, so where has he gone?”, they said “they have thrown him in the prison”, so he said, “never, he should not be imprisoned, finish, I have pardoned him”. So they said, “(No) finish it, just leave him imprisoned”, so they refused to release him. So this man then used to spend upon the offspring of that criminal (looking after them). So when that man came out of the prison, he entered into Salafiyyah, and he was amongst the senior criminals. 

There used to be a person whose name was Abul-Mahjoob in Sudan, he was the first one who spread Salafiyyah in Sudan, they used to strike him and used to restrain  him by (tying) his feet, and they would throw him outside the mosque. As soon as he got up he would laugh, and would not show envy to anyone, and he would not seek revenge or anything, he would just smile and laugh, and then many people from the Mashaayikh entered into the Salafee Da’wah. 

The point is that I do not expect that you reach this level, however I desire that O brothers, that you have something of wisdom and knowledge, and patience and good intent with you, and that the intent is to guide the people, may Allaah bless you, by Allaah, with wise mannerisms, and with gentleness, forbearance, the people will accept your da’wah… and when you have nothing with you but harshness and severity, “And had you been severe and harsh­hearted, they would have broken away from about you…” (Aali Imran 3:159) this is the Messenger of Allaah (alayhis salaatu was salaam), Allaah said this to him. 

My brothers, may Allaah bless you, some of our brothers have this additional severity, which only expels from Salafiyyah but which does not enter into Salafiyyah, (this severity) that expels and pushes out from Salafiyyah, but does not enter anyone into it… this is present now. So those who expel… upon them is to repent to Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, and that they improve their manners, and that they be guides unto Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, may Allaah bless you, you must adopt these ways, let not the principle according to you be just boycotting, boycotting, boycotting, and thats it, boycotting is legislateed, however, when it brings about benefit. You are in the time of Imaam Ahmad, then boycott, but in whose time are you? May Allaah bless you, so forbearance and patience is vital… may Allaah bless you, and bringing people closer to goodness and entering them into it.


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