The Deo-Kats – The Scavenging Kats – The Deceptively Sly Scavenging Deo-Kats and Abu Eesa

With the recent “Arab Spring” has given another group of dissident and fractioned individuals some power in their poor effort in disparaging the Madhab of Ahlul Hadeeth,so much so that they think by misspelling the name it will give them some credibility in a shambled attempt to dissociate them from the true Ahlul Hadeeth. In reality these people have enough time to rant their toddler cries on so called “Ahlul Hadeeth forums” with their self formulated, desire based and individual unqualified opinions – the very same concept they think they are refuting.

The fact is, these individuals are lost and confused due to following their own intellects and have in recent years unsuccessfully lashed out at the well known established madhab of Ahlul Hadeeth. It has not been long that they themselves have just left their shackles of blind following and have realised, “Oh there is a difference between taqleed and taqleed Shaksi” which is is really a failed ploy to mislead the masses. More will be discussed about these free thinking individuals later as well as their modernistic madhabee approach, neither are we afraid to mention names, at this moment we ask let them address us directly and then watch this space “WHOEVER THEY ARE”

Such unwarranted relentless attacks on the Salafis and Ahlul Hadeeth have emanated from a number of individuals, some hiding behind organisations and forums and others promoting clear deviants. Some of the people do not have the slightest idea of what they are saying yet because it is an attack on the Salafis and the Ahlul Hadeeth they pathenically rejoice. Some of these people due to their ignorance equate us to having a fight with the deobandis or barailwis based on differences on fiqh, yet these very same people are accepting and accommodating of their beliefs. The ignorant people should shut up and cause less damage and iftiraaq in the Ummah based on their whims and desires, anyway,

Some have been recently advocating the Salafis and Ahlul Hadeeth were dropping like flies in the subcontinent and the DEO-KATS were holding it down during the Colonial British Imperial (Terror) Raj!!! If only people were honest and just to themselves. Furthermore this individual says this in a disparaging and censurable way and thereby attempting to belittle the Salafis and Ahlul Hadeeth. He says,



abu esa statement of kufr

What does he mean by holding it down, well holding it down is performing Jihaad against the British Colonial Raj and the rest of them were dropping like flies!!! OK. Most of the readers who are well versed with the subcontinent history and its struggle are probably getting hysterical or just shocked due to the gravity of this erroneous statement and this is putting it mildly. Our response at this moment in time is not who was doing what as much has been writing about this and inshaAllaah we can highlight this at a later date.

We intend to show how these DEO-KATS were exactly holding it down and why their is this mad respect for the DEO-KATS. Firstly the stepbrothers of the DEO-KATS, the BAR-DOGS (Barailwi) (We apologise for using the word dog as some people might find this offensive and we apologise again but the fact is the barailwis call themselves the dogs of Madeenah and the dogs of “Gauth-Pak or Gauth-Azam” ie of Abdul Qaadir Jeelaanee). The Sufis, their ardent adherents and the anti wahhabis have been having mango kulfis for years as early as 1872 see here>>>

Lets have a look what the Deobandis (WHO ARE CLEAR SOOFEES) were doing, whether they were having mango kulfis with the British Colonial Raj or holding it down,


Muhammad Ayub Qadiri in his biographical note on Maulana Muhammad Ahsan Nanotvi writes an account of a British spy and his time at Madrassah Deoband. The Deobandis have sugar coated it in the following way SEE HERE however the reality is a little different as can be seen below it says, the lieutenant Governor sent John Palmer as a spy to report on the activities of Madrassah Deoband, he reports,

“The activities and efforts of the Principal in that he is being paid thousand of rupees as a monthly salary the moulvis here are doing for 40 rupees a month, THIS MADRASSAH IS NOT AGAINST THE BRITISH RAJ BUT RATHER IT IS IN AGREEMENT, IN PRAISE AND IN A WORKING RELATIONSHIP WITH THE BRITISH RAJ (GOVERNMENT)…” (Maulana Muhammad Ahsan Nanotvi (pg.217). 

so…. holding it down with 40 rupees and mango kulfis….hmmmm this is just one statement from amongst many.

Let Abu Eesa produce something, anything in relation by the way of evidence for his statement and if not please STOP misinforming, lying and misleading the muslims and more importantly his disguise in attacking the Salafis and Ahlul Hadeeth whilst cowardly hiding behind such ignorant profanities like “Holding it down.”

We await eagerly so that we can unleash the ‘intellectual Salafism’ on him and others in manner that is befitting as they often falsely accuse that we lack. We are also counting the days before we address the futile, vile and ignorant statements of another leaping frog of the forums.


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