NEW BOOK – ar-Radd at-Taqee A’lal Jawhar an-Naqee – Allaamah Faidh ur-Rehmaan ath-Thawree

Forthcoming book to be published in Arabic. Shaikh Ibn Turkamaanee al-Hanafi authored a book in refuting Imaam Baihaqi’s Sunan, titled al-Jawhar an-Naqee A’las Sunan al-Baihaqee’ . Our Shaikh and the esteemed Hadeeh master, Allaamah Faidh ur-Rehmaan ath-Thawree (b. 1920 – d.1996 CE) wrote a comprehensively and detailed critique and reply to Ibn Turkamanees al-Jawhar, titled, ‘ar-Radd at-Taqee A’lal Jawhar an-Naqee’.


This book was authored many years ago by Shaikh ath-Thawree and remained in manuscript form until recently, InshaAllaah, the book has been typed up and will be released very soon inshaAllaah and indeed it will be succinct answer and raising the rank of Ahlus Sunnah, the Ahlul Hadeeth and the Salafis.

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