A brother, Hussain Muhammad send us the following today, he seemed a little upset so we thought this warranted a brief reply

The brother
Firstly, stop melting your nose everywhere. Stop telling those who follow a madhhab what is right and what is wrong according to their own madhhab when you yourselves don’t a follow a madhhab and oppose following a maddhab. This is what is strange. You’ll not find a single Hanbalee Fiqh books which will tell you to place hands on chest. Now, Try telling hanbalis that the hanbalee authors of these books actually dind’t know hanbali madhhab!

as per your information we are not and have no intention of melting our noses everywhere rather what you should ask yourself in your anger when the madhaahib compel us and ask us to ignore the more authentic ahadeeth and follow narrations which have established weak narrators in them and that the scholars are unanimously agreed upon this, we will have reason to deny and oppose this request. If you chose to do so be on your head. Furthermore when your hanbali counterparts try to tell us our position we don’t see the likes of you saying to us to carry on It’s a legitimate opinion rather you will find the bigotry being manifested. We say forget this issue you should at the very least try to establish the reality and legitimacy of the madhabs according to the Quraan and Sunnah!!!

We have not suggested or at the very slightest Implied the hanbalis did not know their madhab we are merely suggesting the reason why hanbali texts mention below the Navel and trying to reconcile, but it seems like such reconciliations are to heavy on certain hearts as clearly demonstrated. Scholars way above and beyond your level who KNOW the hanbali madhab acknowledge and themselves place their hands on their chest and this is a known fact, so I don’t know what world your in. I may add they do so because they don’t have the bigoted staunchness in them as most do and they know the obligation of following the authentic texts as this is the command of Allaah and the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam)

The brother went onto say
And try asking a hanbali faqeeh to ignore Mukhtasar alKhiraqee and you’ll be dragged by your neck out of his home. Yes, it’s not necessary to state evidences everywhere. The evidence for clasping hands below navel are well known and are stated in other books. Don’t start speaking in issues within a madhhab when you don’t even know ABC’s of them. You call yourself Ahl alHadeeth, fine, be one with ‘where is your daleel’ fanaticism! None cares. You want to place hands on your chest? FIne, keep on doing it but why pushing others to do it when it’s doesn’t exist in their madhhab!

Clearly it seems you have misread the article certain Fiqh texts don’t state evidences and then latter ones explain those texts. If we may suggest read the article again and you find hanbali explainers explaining the text with evidences and this is what we presented so dont get angry at us. Our point precisely that some hanbalis differ with this opinion as the authentic text. Frankly we don’t care where you or the madhabs put their hands or even leave them on the side like the malikis, I’m sure when you say to them all of their text in their books of Fiqh That state leaving the hands on their sides and you ask them to ignore all of their books rest assure my dear brother you will certainly be dragged out of your home by your neck and know they won’t be doing it lightly either as they are just as staunch as you. Alhamdulillah We are content with being Ahlul Hadeeth and acting upon the Hadeeth and not a madhab which are opinions of men over and beyond the Hadeeth so you stick to your fanaticism and we will stick to ours the only difference is you have no evidence for following a madhab just an opinion.

Lastly as we mentioned earlier we don’t care what the hanbalis or other mutassab madhabis do, the scholars of Islam have taught us what the Sunnah is so we just stick to it. In future you should tell your hanbali or non hanbali madhabis to stop telling us to put our hands below our navel and then we would not have the need to write such articles but the fact that you guys do will yield a response. So stop getting hot under the collar.

I will leave you with a real life story In relation to your point that not a single hanbali Text book cites Placing the hands on the chest (err firstly we never claimed that They did in the first place) anyway talking about can all of these hanbali text books be wrong. Well the great hanbali scholar Abdul Ghani al-Maqdisi when he spoke about the correct Aqeedah of Ahlul hadeeth In Damascus, the scholars of the different madhabs got together and complained to the ruler at the time. So the ruler Ininstigated A group of scholars From the other madhabs to debate with Abdul Ghani al-Maqdisi on issues of Aqeedah and Kalaam so much so that Ibn Katheer cites that all of the scholars of the hanaabillah agreed with the followers of the incorrect Aqeedah. At this notion the ruler asked Shaikh Abdul Ghani al-Maqdisi “are all of these people upon misguidance and your the only one who is upon the truth.” Shaikh Abdul Ghani al-Maqdisi replied, “YES” (Refer to Bidaayah Wan-Nihaayah 13/218 and Siyar 21/463) So all of the hanbalis at the time in Damascus had bad Aqeedah, but according your principle hanbalis are always right!!!! Yet in this case they were all wrong except Shaikh Abdul Ghani al-Maqdisi.

Dear readers please note Our brother said “You call yourself Ahl alHadeeth, fine, be one with ‘where is your daleel’ fanaticism! None cares.” This shows animosity towards the Ahlul Hadeeth and the Hadeeth and you hear that same old boring pathetic argument that’s the ahle hadis sub continent thing which is just a ploy by these neonate wanna new hanbali gang. Sure you stick to your hanablism and we will stick to the Quraan and Hadeeth.

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