The Appearance of Abu Zahra and Abusing Imaam al-Albaanee & Imaam Ibn Baaz

Abu Zahra sent us a comment, although we did say we will not be responding to any futile comments by Abul Hasan & Co, but we thought it would be a great come back gift for Abu Zahra.

Those 2 gifts are namely


Where the likes of our brothers at Salafi publications have destroyed the Aqaa’id and manhaj of the Asha’airah and Matureediyyah.

Abu Zahra in his vilification and hatred for Ahlus Sunnah and its scholars said


Dear readers, this is extremely shocking and beyond comprehension that Abu Zahra would utter such despicable words against the righteous Rabbanee scholars of Ahlus Sunnah. Then again on the other hand it is nothing new as the likes of your scholars used to do this, like Zahid al-Kawtharee and others, therefore we guess your just following your teachers.

Yes we do criticise Mr Kawtharee and others on the account that they attacked the Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah and its scholars. What we do find strange is that the likes of Abul Hasan & Co do not openly mention their stance on Mr Zahid al-Kawtharee. He is from your scholars and if not then just make Bayaan. The truth is he is their scholar and if Allaah wills we will show this at a later date. The likes of Abul Hasan & co do not even respect their own scholars and in recent times have been passing themselves off as scholars.

Abu Zahra further goes onto say,


We said a video not a YouTube clip of his voice, how is that an open circle. You see dear readers constantly wantIng to DESTROY OR SHREDDING THE DEEN OF ALLAAH. Abu Zahra if you were truthful you would manifest this and not be fearful. Having numerous screen names and behaving childishly on our blog is astonishing and amusing to say the least.

Then as you know dear readers, Abu Zahra has a tendency to get a little emotional and abusive, in his usual fashion, he then went on to hurl more abuse and more accusations. I think over the years listening to the constant abuse and insults of Abu Zahra, has made us realise it wont make a difference to us how much you threat or abuse us, we will still be here.

Abu Zahra was kind enough to point us to a clip of Abul Hasan teaching Aqeedah Tahawiyyah. In one such talk you will find Abul Hasan belittling and demeaning the rank, station, scholarly calibre and immense knowledge of Shaikh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah and brushing his credentials aside so easily.

Then Abu Zahra continued to have his usual rant with regards to the Ahlul Hadeeth having no chains back to the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam) except through hanafee scholars. Dear readers this just shows you the level of the likes Abul Hasan and co especially Abu Zahra that such points are so futile and weak that it is embarrassing to even answer them. I suggest to Abu Zahra go to some hanafee scholar from the sub continent and mention to them what you mentioned to us, even better why don’t you ask Mr Akram Nadwee and see what response you get. Again if Allaah wills we might pen something for our dear readers at some later stage.

Abu Zahra and co even after all this time have totally failed to realise there are a few good brothers that contribute to this blog and so dropping names will not deter us or halt us. Mentioning such names and places works good for us inshaAllaah because for you it seems like you have made a link yet for us its like catching your red herrings, it indeed had us in stitches and the most we have laughed in ages. Rather it will make us stronger and increase our fervour to defend and propagate the truth and the correct pristine Aqeedah and Manhaj of the Salaf and this is what we intend to die upon ie the Tawheed and Eemaan. InshaAllaah.

Yet again another advice his fear Allaah and do not talk bad about the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah.

I will leave the dear readers who are just and fair to make a decision themselves. You have seen the ill speech of Abu Zahra with regards to the great Imaam and Allaamah Shaikh Abdul Azeez Ibn Baaz, which the Surooris and Qutubis also utter. The teachers and guides of Abul Hasan Abu Zahra, ie the likes of the Hanafee scholars and deobandee hanafee scholars a few years back published and translated a book by Imaam Ibn Baaz. The book was The Correct Islamic Aqeedah and That which Opposes it. In the book the hardcore mutassab bigoted hanafee deobandee scholars praise Allaamah Ibn Baaz with titles such a Fadheelatush Shaikh etc. The introducers were high ranking teachers one was a Teacher of Hadeeth and other was the vice Muftee of Jamia Islamiyyah Hanafee Binnouri Town

This is so, because it is Allaah jalla Wa A’la that raises the ranks and positions of his servant and man has no control. Furthermore the rank and station that Allaah gave this noble Imaam was such that even the Mukhaalif have no choice but to honour and praise him.

So we ask Abu Zahra, why do your hanafee deobandee elders praise Shaikh Ibn Baaz and translated his book on AQEEDAH, yes a book on Aqeedah and not a book on Fiqh for the general people, whereas you use derogatory and vindictive words for our great Shaikh and Imaam Ibn Baaz. This clear example shows the reality of Abu Zahra that even the learned Hanafee scholars and I mean here the REAL HANAFEE scholar oppose the thinking of this pseudo neonate hanafees.

Abu Zahra you might be able to find this book in east London somewhere, maybe al-Azhar academy or that book shop that used to sell cheap Arabic books. You know the one i mean, darn I can’t remember the name of that road now, anyhow you get my drift.

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