Abu Zahra in the disguise of Abu Maryam – The Rethorical Kalaam used in Arguments

Oh we have been refuted

Abu maryam yet again says, “you kids make me laugh” showing that this is a game to him
and we outlined in our previous post that’s the likes of Abu Maryam, Abul Hasan and The missing Abu Zahra are just here to play games.

Advice to brother on forums Abu Zahra, Abu Maryam and Abul Hasan are experts and masters in changing line of subjects and arguments because they have no legs to stand on. They chop and change arguments, make their own principles up and then repeat one little thing like broken records just to pretend in showing to the people they have some ilmee point. They have been for years employing this pick one little thing and focus on that in order to show they are right, in reality all the articles against them are overwhelming and manifest. This is why we refuse to respond to them because they are pure time wasters.

Tis is also the reason Abu Maryam Abu Zahra that we don’t show your comments because we are not a platform for you if you want to write your Baatil write it elsewhere.

Look at this example of the narration of Maalik ad-Daar the first 3 replies on this blog have not been answered to date. Instead of answering them they have just jumped to another little point. They totally brushed the point of Ainee and did taweel of it. The point is Ainee holds A’mash to be a Mudallis full stop, if you can prove otherwise then do it and we shall stand corrected. Instead our good brothers fall into their trap of changing the subject and lines of arguments.

Another trait Abu Maryam, the new kid, Abu Zahra and Abul Hasan have is that they will never have the guts to commit their stance first, you will always see them responding like little squeaks. If you guys were on the truth you would make Bayaan of all of your points in a document rather then running around and copy and pasting. So you will see they have no clear position on all the associated discussions on the narration of Maalik ad-Daar but we only have snippets which they chop and change leaving Ahlus Sunnah constantly answering them on these little points.

This is a very common trait and I urge dear readers to look at this and further more not to answer these individuals because first and foremost they have not committed anything to us by the way of their stance and secondly just collecting information from us. Thirdly mention one little point and we are constantly answering them. The thread Abu Maryam has responded in is we must say a clear joke and a slap to our intellects and more so because we waste time answering them.

Our position is that you make your stance openly in a clear document and we shall respond to any issues discussed or any other brother can respond provided AM, AZ, AH mention everything clearly.

Point No.1
Abu Maryam refutes us and says “its not u tube as you wrote but its you tube.” Wow that’s the Radd. Ok we stand corrected. Another one also came to our blog and said you guys cannot be real Salafee, why because we misspelt a few words due to our way and that’s a BIG RADD.

Point No.2
Abu Maryam is Abu Zahra based on the writing styles and his childish behaviour are identical. Just Abu Zahra would come to our blog and write and try to waste our time Abu Maryam the same.

Point No.3
Abu Maryam made out that he never knew Abul Hasan just via the Internet, and now he is coming on here and defending him. Well what does that tell you, it tells you Abu Maryam is Abu Zahra as Abu Zahra used to do that like a blind follower and the only difference now is that he is doing under his new found name of Abu Maryam.

Point No.4
Abu Maryam kept on saying http://www.ahlalhdeeth.com/vbe/showthread.php?t=16143, why don’t we paste the exact words of Mr Salman khan ( Abu Zahra), well our evidence that he is Abu Maryam and Abu Zahra because Abu Maryam kept on saying on the forum why don’t we paste his exact words, well because Abu Maryam knew exactly what was said as he was the one who wrote to us under the false name of Salman in the first place. This is what you called catching the thief red handed. Now we will continue to lie through his teeth. Abu Zahra and Abu Maryam is a clear liar.

Point No.5
We just wanted the chain and reference for the report Abu Maryam claimed for Abul Hasan of Imaam Abu Haneefah going to the grave of the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam) and saying those words!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Abu Zahra in the disguise of Abu Maryam – The Rethorical Kalaam used in Arguments

  1. Shaykh Dr. Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed and his company have a habit of posting under various names. Someone called studentofthedeen who has been caught lying upon scholars is also closely associated with Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed. For more you may want see here http://almuftari.wordpress.com

    Abu Zahra Abu Maryam Adam Bob Mardiyyah Malik Abu Hasan Sunni Muslim and many other dozen screen names. He is afraid to use his name because it would expose his fraudulent expertise, so attack the scholars behind some anonymous screen name.

    Allah will unveil his enemies !

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