The Hulloolee Eitiqaad transformation of Abul Hasan>Abu Zahra>Abu Maryam

The literacy style of all three authors is the same, after the extensive and detailed refutation by Salafi publications Abu Zahra seems to have gone into hiding like the awaited shia Imaam. if you examine the style of writing for Abu Maryam you will see that it is fairly identical to Abu Zahra and Abu Zahras to Abul Hasan. I urge other readers to also observe such patterns. What is blameworthy is that the constant changing of names and kunyahs to spread hatred for the Aqeedah of Ahlus Sunnah.

NO. 1

For example some cunning remarks are what Abu Maryam said, see here  post no.16 where he says, “I read from Dr Abul Hasan…..” what you really mean is your just really in essence (Abul Hasan) applying the principle of edification and pretending you just happen to read stuff. Dont be foolish.


Abul Hasan/Abu Zahras saying, “It is easy to shout behind a computer screen but real men face each other and thrash it out as they do in Pakistan… Why do you and your fellows not come and debate these Barelwis,” oh that is so fresh its hysterically funny. So you the undercover deobandee hanafees are declared to be disbeliever by the barailwees and you dont debate yet your very eager to push us. We know our manhaj and there is no need to debate with Ahlul Bidah, if you the deobandee hanafees or the barailwees have lost your religion go find it. look whose talking you constantly change your kunyahs and names on a daily basis, you probably have numerous ids and usernames and you have the audacity to say to us. Ali Hasan has been in the public delivering lectures, how about you or Abul Hasan, SHOW US JUST ONE, REMEMBER JUST ONE UTUBE CLIP OF ABUL HASAN DELIVERING A LECTURE OR LESSON? It really shows what your all about.


post no.4, he says, “Many people know Abul Hasan in the UK and have studied at his hands for more than 10 years, even though he is a Scientist with a doctorate by training he has Ijazat in many branches of the deen from recognised Ulama… You can curse us as much as you like but we will see how you fair on Qiyama.” Does this not sound like it is Abul Hasan himself or his deaf and blind follower Abu Zahra. 10 years, i wonder where he has been squeaking then, probably in east london somewhere. It sounds like the next pillar of he hanafee madhab is around by him saying at his hands for more then 10 years… please stop it, we are beyond these childish and foolish claims and games. Scientist, he is just some poxy chemist with some further study and a doctorate to fool the people, HE IS JUST A TEACHER IN A SECONDARY SCHOOL LIKE THE REST OF US. Ijazah yes he has from those who are not worth their names themselves and it would not surprises me if he paid for them. These credentials do not amount to anything and Bishr ibn Gayth al-Mareesee and Jahm ibn Safwan had much more ijazahs then you from the hanafee madhab and hence your not faring too bad with regards to your usools compared to them. The brothers were taught the sciences of hadeeth by the hanafees, Baustan al-Muhadditheen to mention one… and look what happened to them they are SALAFI


Post no 16 of the aforementioned link. where is the reference that YOU READ FROM ABUL HASAN for the report of Abu Haneefah in Fath ul-Qadeer Sharh Hidaayah.


after all of this>>>>>> “Many people know Abul Hasan in the UK and have studied at his hands for more than 10 years, even though he is a Scientist with a doctorate by training he has Ijazat in many branches of the deen from recognised Ulama…” we end up with on post no 16 of Abu Maryam, “THE CRUCIAL BIT WAS TRANSLATED BY SOMEONE AS FOLLOWS.” after teaching more than 10 years and having numerous ijazah from recognised ulama this is what we get MASHAALLAAH BROTHER. We really do rest our case. He should rather stick to teaching chemistry. It is really really strange that Abul Hasan never translates anything refer to any of his articles, I WONDER WHY, but you know he is good and copy and pasting from his ulama and that’s what you guys call original research.


The issues was that of Abul Hasan always shouting plagiarism when original research was shown. The reality is Abu Maryam Abu Zahra Abul Hasan always like to jump around just a like a fish does when he is taken out of water or like how a chicken looks in different directions when they caught out they change topic and stances again and again. The point you need to address was A’mash a mudallis. Your HANAFEE SCHOLAR said he was a mudallis, then what hanafee madhab are you following. polemics like who before Imaam al-Albaanee said…. is just another deceptive ploy.

One thought on “The Hulloolee Eitiqaad transformation of Abul Hasan>Abu Zahra>Abu Maryam

  1. Asalam alaikum, i just wanted the brothers of this blog to know they are doinga grand job and its good to see you brothers on many other times have acknowledge that salafi pubications for their good work rather than being bias.

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