Asrar Rashid and the Israeli Propaganda Machine: Part Two

By Abu Abdul Barr


Having been exposed all over the internet for the whole world to see, Asrar needed to do some damage limitation.  Knowing that his followers had a lack of knowledge and taking advantage of the fact that they are all muqalids he did the only thing that was left for a desperate man to do, shout scream and rant for attention. He came to Green Lane Masjid whilst there was a conference going on, knowing in the back of his mind that Abu Usamah would be busy and committed elsewhere.


Asrar came with about four of his muqalids and saw that it was the perfect time to seek fame and show off.  He began to demand that hespeak to Abu Usamah in regards to his talk he delievered about Imaam Abu Hanifah (Rahimullah).   During his rant he showed a lack of adaab and ill manners; however the brothers of Ahlus Sunnah didn’t give in to his desperate plea for fame and retained their good manners and etiquettes whilst addressing him.  Unlike his ‘gang’ we as the lovers of the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alaiyhi Wasalaaam) would not harm another Muslim, so the brothers sat with him and allowed him to speak to Abu Usamah.  Abu Usamah clarified his opinion in regards to Imaam Abu Hanifah (Rahimullah) and mentioned what the scholars of Hadith and Muhaditheen have said about him.  He showed that his statements were authentically supported with authentic chains of narration in the books of hadith and the books of jarh wa’t-ta’deel.  Not being able to answer him, Asrar left.


Having been thrashed in front of his entourage, Asrar began to get all hot headed and flustered because he couldn’t respond to Abu Usamah as he had been ripped to shreds.   He then had another discussion with some other brothers who put him in his place, so he resorted to his good old faithful tactic of raising his voice and looking at the people and shouting at them to get attention. There were about four of them and around thirty Ahlul Hadith brothers but Alhamdulillah the brothers didn’t say anything bad to him and showed the best of manners mad etiquette.

Then Asrar had a discussion with some of the brothers and Shaykh Zakahullah Saleem came in as an arbitrator and in the usual fashion Asrar began to attack him.  Qari Zakahulah told him there is no point in debating about Imaam Abu Hanifa (Rahimullah) so let’s debate about alAsma was-Sifaat where you Asharis, Jahmis and Maturudis have gone astray.  Asrar agreed to a debate and he was supposed to go back and post his conditions for the debate to Shaykh Zakaullah Saleem of Green Lane Masjid, we are still waiting for the instructions to be sent till today, so this is the fourth time he didn’t respond to the challenge.


Having stayed behind the scenes for a while Asrar hoped that people would forget the ideological beating he had taken at the hands of Ahlus Sunnah.   Asrar was closely watching the dawah of the Ahlus Sunnah and he became afraid when he saw that Murtaza Khan was having a huge impact up and down the country calling the people away from the worship of the creation to the worship of the Creator alone.   This was bad news for Asrar as it would mean that there would be less people for him and his Barailawi peers to take money off for their amulets and grave stones and for their kheer and their halwaa.

He saw a perfect opportunity to try and redeem himself after the thrashing he had taken.  He made his way with a bunch of his followers to an event at the Hartopp Road Masjid, Muhammad Masjid & Madrassah Salafiyyah where Murtaza Khan had delivered a lecture earlier that evening.  Murtaza Khan had already delivered his talk, prayed Isha prayer and left to make his way back to London.  Fifteen minutes after all of this Asrar conveniently decides to storm the Masjid with his usual disregard for Islamic manners with about 15 other brothers.


You can almost guess what he did next, yes you got it in one, he charges into the centre of the Masjid and kicks up a fuss about wanting to debate Murtaza Khan. Some of the brothers from Ahlus Sunnah challenged him and said we are ready to debate with you right now, to which he refused and ran off with his tail between his legs.  After this Asrars muqalids kept ringing Murtaza khan and not giving him salaam, when asked if they considered him Muslim one of them said ‘I don’t know’.  So it is apparent that these despicable people don’t even consider our Talib Ul Ilm to be muslims so there is no benefit in debating them, they are not worthy of being spoken to, never mind being hosted an event for to publicise there Greek rhetoric in public.

Despite all of this, brother Murtaza Khan still went out his way to speak to him outside a restaurant in Alum Rock and said if you consider me to be a Muslim then I will speak to you otherwise how can we speak.  Murtaza Khan said words to the effect that if you find anything wrong in what I have said then address the issues in a lecture and answer it in your own time on youtube. Asrar replied saying he wants to debate, Murtaza khan said that’s fine but why are you lying about me and saying that I ran away from you.  Asrar admitted that this was not the case and said he will not say this again, which he still continues to do in his follow up youtube videos.  So he lied about this also, and now runs away from this as well.

Asrar then continued with his fame seeking agenda and began his lies against Imran Nauth.  After Imran Nauth had delivered a lecture on the fiction of Mauwlid , Asrar sent some of his representatives to speak to Imran Nauth and ‘Challenge’ him.  Imran Nauth first asked who is this Asrar Rashid having never heard of him.  Having failed to acknowledge Asrar he then asked them where he had studied and under whom he had ijazaah, to which their were no answers.  Imran Nauth said Asrar has no knowledge and if he still really wants to debate he has no issues as long as the conditions have been clearly set and they were good and decent.  Some of the brothers interjected because Asrars muqalids didn’t show the correct manners and etiquette and in their usual fashion began to become really rude and abrupt.

Imran Nauth didn’t run away as they have made out on the internet lying against him as usual, he accepted the challenge.  However, yet again these liars began to spread their filth and lies all over the internet using the taqqiyah tactics they inherited from the Shia teachers of Ahmad Raza Khan.  In reality these guys didn’t come for a challenge, they said that they came to seek clarification about the lecture he delivered as they usually do.  Imran Nauth told them to go back and listen to a recording of the talk and that if they have any problems with to write him an email and he would reply to it.   So this was another challenge addressed Ahlus Sunah and Asrar once again failed to reply.  They then went off and did what they do best; they lied against Imran Nauth because he made them feel silly by not even acknowledging Asrar.

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