Asrar Rashid and the Israeli Propaganda Machine: Part One

By Abu Abdul Barr

In 1997/1998 Asrar Rashid and his friends including another wannabe famous chap known as Yaseen came to Hartopp Road Masjid known as Muhammadi Masjid & Madrassah Salafiyyah in Alum Rock to have a discussion with some brothers from Ahlus Sunnah. By the end of the discussion Asrar and his friend had been ripped from pillar to post. They had become so confused as a result of the evidences bought against them, they said that they would have to go back and research the issue further. They said that they would come back to debate, it has been over 10 years since that day and they have never been back to respond to the issues that were raised against them.

The liar Asrar Rashid then started a written debate by giving a statement of his creed to a brother from Ahlus Sunnah to be responded to. This statement was then answered by the brothers from that uncovered his academic fraud and took it apart piece by piece for the whole world to see. Asrars deception was made clear, and his true creed that stems from the Jews and the Greek philosophers was bought out in the open. He then tried to respond without addressing any of the issues bought against him, and again this statement was ripped apart. Ahlus Sunnah are still waiting for Asrar to respond to the rebuttal and obliteration of his statement of creed, and for him to address the issues that have been bought against him. So this was the second time he started a debate, got thrashed and then ran away.

After having run away from the academic beating given to him by he then fled towards a different topic hoping that his Aristotelian Jewish Jahmi heritage will not be exposed. Not having learnt his lesson, he then started another written debate about Tawassul where he thought he would be able to safely regain some of his lost pride and dignity; however he wasn’t out of the woods yet. The liar Asrar then bought his ‘evidence’ for the permissibility of his version of Tawassul, or otherwise better known to Ahlus Sunnah as Shirk. Here he was given the verbal beating of his life by the people at In his sorry excuse for a reply he avoided all the points bought against him, and again he was shredded to bits. Remember A’mash!!!!

At this point it was made apparent to Ahlus Sunnah that this boy Asrar had no knowledge at all and was not worthy of a debate with any of our Talib ul Ilm never mind our noble Scholars. He could not even reach the level of their sandals, and even he tried he would he would be beaten with them until he corrected his creed and repented for it. This statement has not been answered either! This was the third time he started a debate and fled on his heels as he was left unable to answer Ahlus Sunnah.

2 thoughts on “Asrar Rashid and the Israeli Propaganda Machine: Part One

  1. could you PLEASE direct me to the link on tawassul where asrar rashid got another verbal beating by the brothers at ahlulhadeeth? jzkAllah

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