Shaikh Zubair Alee Za’ee – Book Updates

updates with shaikh Zubair Alee Za’ees books

having spoken with the Shaikh in the last few days he kindly he informed us of updates to his books

1) he has revised his checking of the 4 well known sunans (al-Arba) and the revised edition shall be available very soon. The revision is due to continual research and acquiring further information about narrators in particular pertaining to them directly hearing from other narrators. some of the revision is also based on printing and organisational errors by the publishers. He also informed us of the revision related to the arabic editions of the 4 sunans printed by Daar us-Salaam  and its printing.

2) he has revised his book on taqleed exceeding over 200 pages now

3) futher revision and addition to his book in defence of Saheeh al-Bukhaari, Tawfeeq al-Baaree

One thought on “Shaikh Zubair Alee Za’ee – Book Updates

  1. ’Assalaamu ‘alaikum, Is there a software with the taḥqeeq (and takhreej) of shaikh Za’iyy, like there is of shaikh ’Al-’Albaaniyy (ṛaḥimahuḷ-ḷaah)? Else it would be good to make one.

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