ar-Rahmah Trust

Ar-Rahmah Trust Charity

Registration Number: 1121296

Unit 5, The Bordesley Centre, Stratford Road, Birmingham B11 1AR

Tel: 0121 771 2422 Mob: 07869 686 806

RE: New Name for the Trust Assalaamu alaikum Ar-Rahmah trust which is a UK registered charity was set up in 2006. It started its charitable activities in Pakistan whose projects include:

An orphan girls school and hostel A small hospital with a dispensary and eye clinic Income generating training sewing classes project Annual Qurbanis with meat distributed to the poor Food distributed to the needy for zakaat-ul-fitr Annual distribution of food parcels during the fasting month of Ramadhan Constructed 120 Houses in Pakistan for the 2010 flood victims This small organisation has been able to achieve a lot with very limited means since its inception.

The Trust is now looking to expand its charitable activities worldwide and would like to invite brothers and sisters to work in partnership for the sake of Allah to help unfortunate and deprived members of our ummah. We request 2 things from you: Please let us know if you can help Ar-Rahmah Trust, in what way and in what capacity as a volunteer. Can you suggest an impressive name and a logo for Ar-Rahmah Trust which the English speaking medium could identify and relate to.

If you can help please reply to as soon as possible preferably within the next few days as Ar-Rahmah Trust is looking to finalise these issues in the coming days, InshaAllah May Allah reward you abundantly.

Your Brother in Islam,

Mohammed Asif

Ar-Rahmah Trust

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