3-Saheeh Fadhail A’maal – The Book Of Eemaan – The Virtue Of Eemaan & Taqwaa (part b)

Allaah The Most High has mentioned the previous nations who were destroyed as they also had little Eemaan. If the people from the previous nations had accepted the call of their Prophets and had Eemaan and acted upon righteous actions Allaah would have opened his doors of mercy for them. Rather they rejected the call of their Prophets and continued upon Shirk and Kufr. Allaah the Most High said,


And if only the people of the cities had believed and feared Allah , We would have opened upon them blessings from the heaven and the earth; but they denied [the messengers], so We seized them for what they were earning.” (Soorah al-A’raaf 7:96)


Hasan al-Basree said, “A believer continues to do righteous deeds and fears Allaah whereas a sinner continues upon his actions and believes he is still good.” (Tayseer ar-Rahmaan 1/382)


So from the sacrifice the 2 children of Aadam (Alayhis Salaam) offered, Allaah accepted one, Allaah The Most High said about,


And recite to them the story of Adam’s two sons, in truth, when they both offered a sacrifice [to Allah], and it was accepted from one of them but was not accepted from the other. Said [the latter], “I will surely kill you.” Said [the former], “Indeed, Allah only accepts from the righteous [who fear Him].” (Soorah al-Ma’idah 5:27)


Having taqwaa is the best form of attaining provisions, Allaah the Most High said,


And take provisions, but indeed, the best provision is fear of Allah. And fear Me, O you of understanding.” (Soorah al-Baqarah 2:197)


The best clothing is Eemaan and Taqwaa, Allaah The Most High said,


“O children of Adam, We have bestowed upon you clothing to conceal your private parts and as adornment. But the clothing of righteousness – that is best. That is from the signs of Allah that perhaps they will remember.” (Soorah al-A’raaf 7:26)


The best wealth and money is the wealth of Taqwaa and righteousness. Imaams Ahmad, Ibn Maajah and Haakim have transmitted via Abdullaah bin Habeeb from his Uncle Yasaar bin Abdullaah al-Muzanee (RadhiAllaahu Anhu) who said,


“We were sitting in a gathering and the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalaahu Alayhee Was-Sallam) came and there were signs of water on the Messengers forehead. One of us asked, “We see that you are very happy today.” The Messenger of Allaah (Sallalaahu Alayhee Was-Sallam) said, “Yes Alhamdulillaah.” Then the people began talking about wealth and money. The Messenger of Allaah (Sallalaahu Alayhee Was-Sallam) said, “There is no harm in a person wanting wealth who has Taqwa and it is correct that whoever has Taqwaa is better than wanting wealth and being pleasant is from wanting wealth.” (Musnad Ahmad no.23158, Sunan Ibn Maajah no.2157, Mustadrak al-Haakim 2/3, Haakim authenticated it and Haafidh Dhahabee agreed as did Bausaree, refer to Silsilah Ahadeeth as-Saheehah 1/125-126)


By having Eemaan and Taqwaa a person incurs the love of Allaah,


“But yes, whoever fulfills his commitment and fears Allah – then indeed, Allah loves those who fear Him.” (Soorah A’le Imraan 3:76)


A person having taqwaa also enables him to have the great honour of being close to the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalaahu Alayhee Was-Sallam). Hence when he sent Mua’adh Ibn Jabal (RadhiAllaahu Anhu) to Yemen he advised him, during that advice he said to him,


“Verily My Ahlul Bayt think they are closer to me than the people, verily the people from amongst mankind who have taqwaa are closer to me, whoever they are and wherever they maybe.” (al-Ehsaan Fee Tarteeb Saheeh Ibn Hibbaan 2/414, 410 no.647, Musnad Ahmad 36/376 no.22052, Shu’ayb al-Arnaa’oot said the chain is strong.)


Imaam Ibn Hibbaan established the following chapter heading for this hadeeth, “Citing the reports which elucidate the friends of The Messenger of Allaah (Sallalaahu Alayhee Was-Sallam) are those who have Taqwaa and not those who are close to him even if they are sinners.”


Having taqwaa and fearing Allaah also causes Allaah to be with you, he said


“And fear Allah and know that Allah is with those who fear Him.” (Soorah al-Baqarah 2:104)


Allaah has informed us having patience and taqwaa is a means of saving ourselves from the evil and discord of the disbelievers. So if the Muslims have taqwaa, the deceit and evil of the disbelievers will not affect them or harm them. So those who ask Allaah for help, rely on him alone and have patience when calamities and troubles befall them, then no doubt they will be successful in their tests and trials.


Allaah will never abandon those who have taqwaa, rely on him and only ask him for help. Furthermore he will aid them and give them victory over their enemies. As for those who seek help from other than Allaah then he will leave them to themselves and their souls and deprive them of victory. Allaah The Most High said,


“If good touches you, it distresses them; but if harm strikes you, they rejoice at it. And if you are patient and fear Allah, their plot will not harm you at all. Indeed, Allah is encompassing of what they do.” (Soorah A’le Imraan 3:120)


It’s such a shame the Muslims do not use this principle and formulae nowadays because if they did they could have tested it and not turned to others for help. They would not make big powers as their deities and nor would they seek help from them as the promise of Allaah is always going to be the same. If they did adopt this principle they would have been victorious and successful and all other nations would have submitted to them, but who is there who wants to listen to this. (Tayseer ar-Rahmaan 1/204)    


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