2 – Excerpts From The Life Of Imaam Abdul Azeez Ibn Abdullaah Ibn Baaz – Helping The Poor & Having A Big Heart

Shaikh Abdur Rahmaan ar-Rahmah wrote after fully checking the details of the following incident that once Imaam Ibn Baaz gave a man a cheque for 1,500 Riyals because he asked for the money as he needed it. When the man went to put the cheque in his account he added another zero to the cheque totalling it to 15,000.

The cashier was unsure why Imaam Ibn Baaz would give such a large amount to this man so he queried it and went to the Shaikh himself.

When the Shaikh heard this he remained silent but his lips were moving, after a few seconds he lowered his head and said, “please give him the 15,000 riyals I think he is in need of the money and his desperate situation has led him change the cheque.” (ad-Durrar adh-Dhahabiyyah pg.62-63)

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