1- Excerpts From The Life Of Imaam Abdul Azeez Ibn Abdullaah Ibn Baaz

1) A man working in Daar ul-Iftaa narrated once a letter came from a philipino woman saying her husband was a Muslim and the Christians killed him by throwing him down a well. She had become widowed and her children orphaned and that she did not have anyone that would help her but the people said to write to you. So the Shaikh wrote to the appropriate department asking them to help the helpless woman. They replied back to the Shaikh telling him they did not have any means to help the woman moreso financially. The Shaikh told his writer to write to the person in charge of his salary and to deduct 10,000 riyaals from his salary and give it to the philipino woman. ( Riyaahd newspaper no 11295, ad-Durrar adh-Dhahbiyyah pg.49 and al-Injaaz pg.453)

2) The Shaikhs lawyer wrote, “it is an old story, the students at the Sharee’ah school did not have their day or evening meal because they did not have any food. When the Shaikh found out he began to cry, at the time the Shaikh only had one car so he sold it immediately and bought food with the money and gave it to the students.” (Riyaadh newspaper no.11288 and Muwaaqif Mudhiyyah pg.38)

3) The Shaikh in 58 years never took his annual holiday nor did he ever ask to even take one day off. He would only probably sleep maybe 4 or 5 hours and in the remaining time he would make Dhikr of Allaah, spread Islamic knowledge, deliver lectures or duroos, issue Fataawa and help resolve the issues of the Muslims. he would often say that he was eligible for a pension since 20 years ago but instead of taking it he chose to work to help the Muslims and to be of service to them and aid and help the deen. (al-Injaaz pg.444-451)

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