BOOK – Bareilwees & Deobandees Are The Same – Shaikh Sayyid Taalib ur Rehmaan

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This book was translated about 10 years ago and but was not published,
Alhamdulillah the book is available to buy, please visit the bookshop section at the top to the page to purchase this book.
The book highlights the Aqeedah of the Bareilwees and Deobandees, from the likes of the forefathers of Asraar Rasheed, GF Haddad, Abul Hasan aka Faqir aka Abu Zahra. Abul Hasan aptly quotes al-Adh’amee the Deobandee so this is his Aqeedah and of his forefathers. GF Haddads love for Ahmad Raza Khan is wel known and he often quotes him in his various articles and books, so this is the realityof GF Haddads Aqeedah and his soofee churchfathers.
Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmed undoubtedly hides behind his internet screen and picks and chooses who to use when, when in reality he is confused and a distorter. He hides behind different identites and has been caught out numerous times posting under different names. Tell us Abul Hasan Hussain Ahmad did you write AL-ALBANI UNVEILED.. tell us. Furthermore he pretends to style himself as just a hanafee whereas in actual fact he is a soofee. What do you say about al-Kawthari and his companions come out and make bayaan of who you are. This book is a gift to you about the aqeedah of your deobandee and bareilwee forefathers.   

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