The Ahmad Raza Khaan Papers – Readings in Ahkaam-e-Shareeat PART 2- GF Haddad, Abul Hasan & Asraar Rasheeds Soofee Churchfather

The Ahmad Raza Khaan Papers

Readings in Ahkaam-e-Shareeat 

A Radd on Ahmad Raza Khaan- The Soofee Churchfather

Replying to GF Haddad, Abul Hasan the likes of them from the Soofiyyah

The Reply to al-Albaanee and his Friends – Ahmad Raza Khaan and his Friends

comp. Abu Hibbaan & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari

Ahmad Raza Khan the soofee churchfather, his friends and followers have been known to vilify the clear and pristine Aqeedah of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamaah. His followers and individuals who adhere to this anti islamic teachings have been promoting beliefs contrary to Islaam for many many years especially in the west. People like Naazim Haqqani, Hishaam Kabbani, Tahir ul-Qaadiree, Yaqoobee and GF Haddad are staunch and bigoted promoters of soofism and its corrupt teachings.

The reality of Mansor Hallaaj is known and he used to say, I am Haqq ie i am the truth meaning he was Allaah so showing that Allaah was incarnate in him. It was this abhorent belief Ahlus Sunah wal-Jamaah warned against. In the end Hallaaj and others like him were executed for such anti Islamic beliefs.

Tabraiz: He was Shams Tabraizi and the was the teacher of ar-Roomee another soofee churchfather. Roomee himself had very anti islamic beliefs and the concepts he propgated were heresys and based upon clear misguidance. Tabraiz was very well revered and considered a major saint with the soofee churschfathers. He is buried in Konya, Turkey.

Sarmad: Now he was a very interesting character. He was armenian in origin from an Iranian family. Others are of the opinion that he was originally a Christian whereas others think he was Jewish. His homeland was Kashan there was a large Armenian community in Iran of which some were Christian and some Jewish. He accepted islaam. He is famous as Sarmad although in some books he is referred to as Sarmad the Cheerful (Saeedaaye Sarmad).  He became a Sufi saint, and walked stark naked initially in the streets of Lahore, and then moved to Delhi, where he taunted the emperor Aurangzeb. 

He dwelled in an open space just next to where today stands the Badshahi Mosque.  Sarmad came to India in the reign of the Emperor Shah Jehan. In one of his journeys towards Thatta, he fell so passionately in love with a Hindu girl that he became ‘distracted and would go about the stress naked’. “In the beginning of the reign of Aurangzeb, he was put to death outside the Jamia Masjid Delhi on account of his disobeying the orders of that emperor, who had commanded him not to go about naked.

This event took place in the year 1661CE. Some say that the real cause of his execution was a verse he composed, the translation of which is: ‘The mullahs say that Muhammad (peace be upon him) entered the heavens, but Sarmad says that the heavens entered Muhammad’. His tomb is close to the Jamia Masjid. (refer to Tazkira-ye Awliya-e-Pak o Hind: Khum-khanah-ye Tassawuf [Memoirs of the Saints of India and Pakistan: the tavern of Sufism] by Dr. Zahurul Hasan Sharib

Scan from Ahkaam-e-Shareeat Part 2 pgs 158-159

I dont think there is really any need to say any more with regards to this clear and manifest misguidance….

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