Abul Hasans Hanafee Soofee Bareilwees Anger and Hate for Ahlul Hadeeth & about Asbag bin Khaleel

A few years back in defence of the great scholar of hadeeth and Allaamah Muhammad Naasir ud deen al=Albaanee AK and AH compiled abrief response to some points Abul Hasan (which can be viewed on this site titled al-Jawaab ar-Rabbanee….. which is in itself clear concerning the issue but as Abul Hasan and his muqallids cant accept this have been trying to years to just raise any and every doubt just to prove their point) the neonate and the only scholar of the hanfees that does his own research and goes outside of his madhab far above and beyond whatever his own schlolars have said authored a little peice with regards to a man named Asbag ibn Khaleel alleging we called him a hanafee.

So in a huff and a puff saying oh Abu Khuzaimah and Abu Hibbaan lied and so and so on. Abul Hasan in his own mind thinks he is the only researcher left and he is the only one who can research, we have proven Abul Hasan is a liar he lied on Habeeb ur Rahmaan al-A’dhamee catgeorically and subsequent his peice on that has been removed showing he does not do research he copies and pastes like he always claims others do. We have proved he lies and chops and changes texts to suits his needs as we showed on his text from Imaam Dhahabee relative to A’mash from Abee Saaleh and the tadlees. Further more Abul Hasan has an inherent trait of just copying and pasting arabic and his translation of that is “one can decipher…” what a joke

Abul Hasan under many psuedo names constanly leaves comments on our site and in our recent expose of him, fueled with anger left some old basic peices of work on old issues that have been dealt with and if people are blind, arrogant and ignorant to except the truth then we cannot force anyone.

as for the Ahnaaf and the Musannaf ibn Abee Shaybah we will highlight what they really think of it but the main reason they hate Imaam Ibn Abee Shaybah is because of his Radd on Abu Haneefah titled ‘Kitaab Radd Alal Abee Haneefah’ and this is not hiddden from the people of knowledge and research, so this is why the hanafees dont like Imaam Ibn Abee Shaybah, the likes of Abul Hasan and all of these wannabe Hanafees who go outside the statements of their own Hanafee scholars are just filled with bigotry and hatred for the hadeeth and the Sunnah. We are not anti Hanafees we are anti mutassub, bigotry, hiding the truth and lying to the people and beguiling them to lies upon lies.

aswell as the Hanafees you will strong bigotry amongst the Malikess from what we mentioned from Asbag and if the likes of Abul Hasan the ignorant one cannot see we were making a ere point then how bliind can you be where did we ever say Asbag ibn Khaleel was a hanafee, why just because we mentioned him in the same paragraph. Our point was and still is why do you guys have so much bigotry for the Sunnah and Hadeeth and showing how much the likes of Abul Hasan and the muqallids hate the hadeeth and the Sunnah. We have also shown why the Hanafees do not like the great Imaam Ibn Abee Shaybah.

Furthermore the likes of Abul Hasan has shown he is a liar and treacherous in whatever he compiles, he omits things that are pertinent and is here just to attain a blue peter badge for telling the world he is the only researcher left and everyone else even his own scholars lack scholarly integrity. just on this asbag bin Khaleel not even reading what we wrote hasdone some reaerch and thought wow AK and AH have ied and so on etc and compiled his usual copy and paste and put some arabic quotes in without even trasnlating the statements, what are you just left to copy and paste. He goes outside of his madhab in opinions and they have the audacity to say us we pick and choose. This has been shown numerous times again and again.

The reality of the matter is over the last decade we have shown how scholarly he really is and how much he copy and pastes and uses the like of the Ghumaris and Saeed Mamduh and other Anti Ahlul Hadeeth researchers from arab lands and based on us exposing him to hismuqallis he has been fulled with fire. So much so that once his student emailed AK and AH and said to them. “How dare you debate with our teacher ie Abul Hasan he has so many ijaazahs and this and that….”

we advise all our dear readers please do your own research and you will come to know how much these people lie and how much they hide the truth and let it be known we do not hate the hanafees nor are we anti them, what we are anti about is blind following, enforcing incorrect opinions on everyone, lying on the Sunnah, discrediting it and talking ill of the great scholars of hadeeth.

Allaahs aid is sought. Ameen

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