The Scholars Of Ahlul Hadeeth – Imaam Badee ud deen Sindhee

The Scholars of Ahlul Hadeeth and those who praised them

The Ahlul Hadeeth or the people of Hadeeth is an old ideology and nothing new and their leader is the Imaam and guide Muhammad (Sallalahu Alayhee Wassallam)) and this group based on this ideology has been around since the time of the companions as Allaamah Muhammad Idrees Khandelwi (Deobandi Hanafi) has accepted in his book ijtihaad wat-Taqleed and said the companions were Ahlul Hadeeth.

Imaam Aamir bin Sharjeel Sha’abee is from the major tabieen and he met 500 companions (see Tahdheeb) and he was the student of 48 companions from whom he narrates (see Taareekh Baghdaad and Tahdheeb) he was born in approximately 31H and died in approximately 110H, so he is from the first and second century, he said, “Whatever I understand and command now if I knew from before then I would only narrate those hadeeth upon which the people of Hadeeth were unanimously agreed upon” (Tadhkirratul Huffaadh)

This shows during the time of the companions and taabieen there was a group of people known as the Ahlul Hadeeth. Imaam Muhammad bin Muslim bin Shihaab az-Zuhree d.124H once went outside and said loudly “Oh people of Hadeeth where are you? Then he taught them 400 Hadeeth (Tadhkirratul Huffaadh).

From the pillars of the Hanafi Madhab was Imaam Muhammad bin Hasan ash-Shaybaanee d189H who says in his well known book of Muwatta (pg.363) “and so Ibn Shihaab was the most knowledgeable from amongst the people of Madeenah of the Ahlul Hadeeth”. Meaning Madeenah was a base of the Ahlul Hadeeth and why should they not be as the Messenger of Allah (Sallaalahu Alayhee Wassalam) spend the last 10 years of his Prophecy there where he established an Islamic state which was the best Ahlul Hadeeth state.

The other pillar of the Hanafi Madhab, Qadhee Abu Yoosuf d.182H one day came out of his house and upon seeing the Ahlul Hadeeth said, “There is no one more better on this earth than you people because you listen and teach the Hadeeth of the Messenger of Allah (Sallaalahu Alayhee Wassalam).

Imaam Hafs bin Ghiyaath d.194H said regarding the Ahlul Hadeeth, “You are the best (of the people) of this world”

Abu Bakr bin A’ayyash d170H said concerning the Ahlul Hadeeth, “You are the best of mankind” (Ma’arifah Uloom al-Hadeeth of Imaam Haakim)

The great scholar of language and syntax, Khaleel bin Ahmad al-Faraahaidee d107H said, “The Ahlul Hadeeth are the friends of Allah and if they are not then no one is the friend of Allah”

The great jurist of his time Imaam Sufyaan Thawree d164H said, “The angels are the guardians of the sky and the Ahlul Hadeeth of the earth” meaning that is they who are the callers and preservers of the religion. He also said, “It is sufficient blessing for the Ahlul Hadeeth who write and read the salutations on the Messenger of Allah (Sallaalahu Alayhee Wassalam).”

The famous Imaam Fudhayl Ibn A’ayaadh d.187H said upon seeing the Ahlul Hadeeth he would say, “Oh inheritors of the Prophets”

The Khaleeph Haroon Rasheed d193H would say, “I found 4 traits in 4 groups, disbelief ie kufr in the jahmiyyah, theological rhetoric and argumentation in the mu’tazilah, lying in the Raafidah Shee’ah and the truth with the Ahlul Hadeeth”

Imaam Muhaddith Abdullah Ibn Mubaarak d180H said, “on the day of judgement the Ahlul Hadeeth will be the most firm over the bridge (Siraat)” and when he would see young children writing Hadeeth he would say, “They are the seed of tree of the religion and no doubt they will grow one day”

Imaam Hamaad bin Zaid d179H said the Ahlul Hadeeth are mentioned in the Quraan and he recited the following verse of the Quraan, “And it is not (proper) for the believers to go out to fight (Jihad) all together. Of every troop of them, a party only should go forth, that they (who are left behind) may get instructions in (Islamic) religion, and that they may warn their people when they return to them, so that they may beware (of evil).” (Soorah at—Taubah 9:122)

Imaam Jarh Wat Ta’deel Yahyaa bin Saeed al-Qattan d198H would always benefit from the gathering of the Ahlul Hadeeth. All of these statements have been mentioned from Sharf Ashaabul Hadeeth of Imaam Khateeb al-Baghdaadee.

So we find from the first and second century the companions, Tabi’een and Taba Tabi’een who were from the Ahlul Hadeeth.


Imaam Shafiee d204H said, “When I see a person of Ahlul Hadeeth it is as if I am seeing the Messenger of Allah (Sallaalahu Alayhee Wassalam) (Sharf Ashaabul Hadeeth)

Imaam Abdur Razzaaq d213h the author of the Musannaf, Imaam Abu Dawood at-Tayalisee d204H and Imaam Ahmad bin Hanbal d241H said concerning the Hadeeth which mentions the one saved sect from the 73 sects that “They are the Ahlul Hadeeth” they further said “There is no group better than the Ahlul Hadeeth according to us because these people do not know anything except Hadeeth.”

Furthermore when they were informed someone speaks bad about the Ahlul Hadeeth they said three times such a person is a zindeeq ie heretic and a rejecters.

Ishaaq Ibn Moosaa al-Hatmee d244H said concerning the verse, “Allah has promised those among you who believe, and do righteous good deeds, that He will certainly grant them succession to (the present rulers) in the earth, as He granted it to those before them, and that He will grant them the authority to practise their religion, that which He has chosen for them (i.e. Islam). And He will surely give them in exchange a safe security after their fear (provided) they (believers) worship Me and do not associate anything (in worship) with Me. But whoever disbelieved after this, they are the Fasiqun (rebellious, disobedient to Allah).” (Soorah an-Noor 24:55) that this refers to the Ahlul Hadeeth. So the people accept every Hadeeth the Ahlul Hadeeth present to the people but they reject the Hadeeth presented by the people of opinion.

Abdullah bin Dawood al-Khareibee d213H said “I heard from my teacher who used to say, “The Ahlul Hadeeth are designated by Allah as the honest ones over his religion ie they are the preservers of the Sunnah with knowledge and their actions.”

Waleed al-Karabeesee d214H asked his offspring at the time of his death, “do you consider me to be truthful? They replied yes, so he said to them if I advise you will you act upon it they replied yes so he told them “Sit with the Ahlul Hadeeth as I found the truth with them.”

Imaam Abu Rajaa Qutaibah bin Saeed d240H said, “Whoever you see loving the Ahlul Hadeeth like Yahyaa Ibn Saeed al-Qattan, Abdur Rahman bin Mahdee, Ahmad bin Hanbal and Ishaaq bin  Rahwaihah then know he is from Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah and those who oppose them then know he is an innovator.”

Imaam Yazeed Ibn Haroon d206H said in explanation of the Hadeeth that a group will remain steadfast upon the truth, “that group is the group of Ahlul Hadeeth.”

Imaam Abu Abdullah al-Humaidee d213H

Imaam Abu Ubaid Qaasim bin Sallaam d224H

Imaam Jarh wat Ta’deel Yahyaa Ibn Maeen d233H

Muhammad Ibn Saad Kaatib al-Waaqidee d230H

Imaam Abu Bakr bin Abee Shaybah d235H

The authors of the six books of Hadeeth, Imaam of the world in Hadeeth

al-Bukhaari d256H

Imaam Muslim d261H said in his introduction to his Saheeh, “I am going to mention the madhab of Ahlul Hadeeth,

Imaam Nasaa’ee d230H

Imaam Abu Dawood d275H

Imaam Tirmidhee d280H

Imaam Ibn Maajah d273H

Imaam Muhammad Ibn Nasr al-Marwazee d294H

Imaam Abu Ishaaq Ibraahim al-Harbee d285H

Imaam Abu Bakr al-Bazzaar d292H

Imaam Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Hanbal d290H

Imaam Baqee Mukhlad al-Qurtubee al-Andaloosee d274H

When Imaam Qurtubee started to spread the Madhab of Ahlul Hadeeth the people of innovation started to have animosity and the leader of Andaloos at the time Abdur Rahmaan supported him the Imaam said, “I have planted the tree of Ahlul Hadeeth which no one can uproot other than Dajjal” (Tadhkirratul Huffaadh)

With the grace of Allah even when there is Christian rule there are people there to this day who are upon the Madhab of Ahlul Hadeeth.

Imaam Qutaibah d276H wrote a monumetal book titled ‘Taweel Mukhtaliful Hadeeth Fee Raddled Ala A’da Ahlul Hadeeth’, in which he praises the Ahlul Hadeeth and openly refutes the people of opinion ie Ahlur Rayy

Imaam Abu Bakr bin Abee Aasim d280H

Imaam Alee Ibn al-Madeenee d234H said concerning the Hadeeth which mentions a group will always remain upon the truth, “Then they are the Ahlul Hadeeth” also according to a list of his books he has a book titled ‘Madhaahib al-Muhadditheen’ (Uloom al-Hadeeth)

Abdullah bin Uthmaan d221H who is given the title of Imaam of the Ahlul Hadeeth (Tahdheeb) whilst explaining the Hadeeth of the Tooba tree for the Ghuraba said, “This means and refers to the preceding Ahlul Hadeeth”

Ahmad bin Sinaan al-Qattan d258H said, “only the people of innovation have animosity for the Ahlul Hadeeth”

Imaam Uthmaan bin Saeed ad-Daarimee d280H

So all of these scholars lived in different places and they would inform others of the affairs in their areas and other than them there were much more from the people of Hadeeth in the third century.


The Fourth Century

This was also period a period of rise for the Ahlul Hadeeth. So in this period we have the likes of Imaam Abu Ahmad al-Haakim d.378H who authored the book, “Sh’eaar Ashaabul Hadeeth” in which he introduces The Ahlul Hadeeth and mentions their beliefs and other aspects.

Imaam Abul Qaasim at-Tabaraanee d360H

Imaam Ibn Hibbaan al-Bustee d354H

Imaam Abul Hasan ad-Daarqutnee d385H

Imaam Suleimaan al-Khataabee d388H

Imaam Zakariyyah as-Saajee d307H from whom Imaam Abul Hasan al-Ash’aree d360H learnt the madhab of the Ahlul Hadeeth. Imaam Abul-Hasans books al-Ibaanah and Maqaalaat al-Islaamiyeen he introducs the Ahlul Hadeeth and has established and proved their beliefs and issues with evidences.

Imaam al-Mufassireen Abu Ja’afar ibn Jareer at-Tabaree d310H

Imaam Abu Ishaaq Da’alaj bin Ahmad as-Sijzee who was a teacher of the Ahlul Hadeeth in his time and he would spend on the students of Ahlul hadeeth from the different lands ie Makkah, A’raaq, Sijistaan so that they learn the knowledge of Hadeeth (Tadhkirratul-huffaadh)

The Famous Imaam, Muhaddith Faqeeh Ibn al-Mundhir d318H

Imaam Abu Bakr ash-Shaheen d.385H and he would attribute to himself that he was upon the Muhammadi Madhab (Tadhkirratul-Huffaadh)

Imaam Abul-Waleed Hasaan bin Muhammad d340H and he was considered to be the Imaam of the Ahlul Hadeeth in the whole of Khurasaan. (Mukhtasar Taareekh Neesaabooree)

Imaam Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Ya’qoob bin al-Akhram d344H he was the leader of the Ahlul Hadeeth of his time. (Mukhtasar Taareekh Neesaabooree)

Imaam Haafidh Ibn Adiyy al-Jurjaanee d375H

Imaam Abu Bakr al-Isma’eelee he would mention the beliefs of the Ahlul Hadeeth (Tadhkirratul Huffadh)

Imaam Abu Awwanah Isfraainee d316H.

The established Imaam of the Hanafi’s Imaam Abu Jafar at-Tahaawee d321H, it was said to him you seem to be amongst the Ahlul Hadeeth he replied, this is Allaah’s mercy and favour upon me (Tadhkirratul Huffadh)

Imaam Abu Jafar Uqailee d322H

Imaam Ibn Mandah d301H

Abu Muzaahim al-Khaqaanee d325H he wrote a poem in the praise of the Ahlul Hadeeth he said, “The Ahlul Hadeeth are the saved ones if they remain upon the hadeeth, as the hadeeth reaches us from the reliable ones.”

Other than them there were many more from this period and again this period shows the grandeur of the Ahlul Hadeeth, their call and ideology.


There were scholars of Ahlul Hadeeth during this era also for example

Imaam Abu Abdullah al-Haakim d405H and he praises the Ahlul Hadeeth in his book, ‘Ma’arifah Uloom al-Hadeeth’

Imaam Abu Uthmaan as-Saaboonee d449H authored ‘Aqeedatus-Salaf Ashaabul-Hadeeth’ in which he introduces the Ahlul Hadeeth their beliefs and ideology.

Imaam Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Alee as-Sooree d441H who authored famous poem with regards to the grandeur of the Ahlul Hadeeth.

Imaam Haafidh Abu Nuaym as-Asfaahaanee d430H

Imaam Abu Bakr al-Humaidee d488H

Imaam Abul Qaasim al-Laalikaee d418H and his book about the Aqeedah of the Ahlul Hadeeth is famous

Imaam al-Maghrib Haafidh Ibn Abdul Barr d463H

Imaam Muhaddith Abu Bakr al-Baihaqee d485H

Imaam Abu Bakr Khateeb Baghdaadee d463H and he authored a specific book with regards to the virtues of the Ahlul Hadeeth titled ‘Sharf Ashaabul Hadeeth’ which has been published a few times

The Pride of Andaloos, the Sword of Allaah Imaam Abu Muhammad bin Hazm d456H

Imaam Abu Abdullah al-Hussain al-Haleemee d403H, he was from the areas Marwaa and Nahr and he was considered to be the leader of the Ahlul Hadeeth of the time.

Imaam al-Haramain Abu Ma’alee al-Juwainee d487H

The Faqeeh of Khurasaan Imaam Abul-Mazhar Mansoor bin Muhammad as-Sa’amanee d486H his book is famous concerning the Ahlul Hadeeth titled. ‘al-Intisaar Lee-Ahlul-Hadeeth’ in which he concisely refutes and rebuts the objections of the Ahlur-Rayy (ie the people of opinion) on the Ahlul Hadeeth, he says, “The Ahlul Hadeeth learn their Aqeedah and the religion from each other so much so that this chain reaches back to the Messenger of Allaah (Salllahu Alayhee Wasallam) so the religion they learnt was in the manner and method in which the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wassallam) taught and explained to the people.”


We find evidence of the Ahlul Hadeeth being around in the sixth century

Imaam Ameer ibn Makaulah d516H

Qaadhee Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabee d543H

Imaam al-Haafidh Abu Taahir Salafi d576H

Imaam Muhaddith Qaadhee A’yaadh d544H

Imaam Haafidh Ibn Asaakir ad-Dimashqee d571H

Imaam Haafidh Ibn Bashkawaal d588H

The Crown of Islaam Imaam Haafidh Abu Sa’ad as-Samaanee d597H

Imaam Abul-Qaasim as-Suhailee d581H

Imaam, The Reviver of the Sunnah Baghawee d516H

Sayyid Shaikh Abdul Qaadir Jeelaanee d561H who has clarified in his book al-Ghuniyyatut-Taalibeen “From the 73 sects the Ahlul Hadeeth are the saved sect”

The Faqeeh Imaam Abu Haamid al-Ghazzalee d505H

Haafidh Abu al-Fadhal bin al-Qaisaraanee d507H

Qaadhee Abul-Hussain Muhammad bin Abee Ya’ala d526H

And many others


So the same is with this century

Haafidh Mujadid ud deen, Ibn Taymiyyah d622H (the grandfather of Ibn Taymiyyah)

Haafish Abdul a’dheem al-Mundhiree d656H

Shaikh Jamaal ud deen Ibn as-Saboonee d661H

Imaam Muhammad ibn Qudaamah al-Maqdisee d620H

Imaam Muhammad bin as-Salaah d643H

Imaam Sharf ud deen an-Nawawee d676H

The Historian Ibn Khalkaan d681H

Haafidh Abu Bakr ibn Naqtah d639H

Haafidh Abul-Hussain Izz ud deen ibn al-Atheer d630H

The historian Shihaab ud deen Yaqootar-Roomee al-Hamawee d642H

Imaam Abul-Sa’adaat Mubaarak ibn al-Atheer al-Jazree d606H


In this century we have the likes of

Shaikh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah d728H

Haafidh Abu-Hajjaaj al-Mizzee d742H

Haafidh Ibn Daqeeq al-Eed d702H

Haafidh Salaah ud deen al-E’laaee d761H

Haafidh Salaah ud deen Safdee d764H

Haafidh Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawzee d751H

Haafidh Muhammad ibn Jaabir al-Waadee Aashaa d749H

Imaam Shams ud deen adh-Dhahabee d748H

Haafidh Ibn Sayyid an-Naas  al-Ya’amree d734H

Haafidh Abul-Mahaasin al-Hussainee ad-Dimashqee d765H

Shaikh Taqee ud deen as-Subkee d752H

Haafidh Jamaal ud deen Zailaa’ee d762H

Haafih Shams ud deen ibn Abdul-Haadee d744H

Allaamah Taaj ud deen Subkee d771H

Allaamah Fakhar ud deen az-Zaraawee al-Hindhee d748H, he said in clear words concerning the verse “Ask the people of Dhikr if you do not know.” (Sooah an-Nahl) this means an absolute question ie all questions as it is an innovation to adopt the madhab of one specific person as this is Taqleed and hence the door for seeking knowledge and the knowledge of hadeeth will be abandoned.” (Nazhatul-Khawaatir)


Imaam Abul-Fadhal A’raqee d806H

Haafidh Noor ud deen al-Haithamee d807H

Allaamah Mujaddid ud deen al-Fairozabaadee d827H

Allaamah Abul-Wafaa Sabt bin al-A’jamee d841H

Haafidh Ibn al-Mulqin d804H

Haafidh Walee ud deen Ibn al-A’raqee d826H

Haafidh Taqee ud deen ibn al-Fahd d871H

Haafidh Ibn Naasir ud deen ad-Dimashqee d842

Haafidh Shihaab ud deen al-Bausairee d840H

Haafidh Ibn Hajr al-Asqaalanee d852H

Haafidh Taqee ud deen al-Faasee 832H

Haafidh Badr ud deen al-Ainee al-Hanafee d855H

Qaadhee Abu Bakr bin Shahbah ad-Dimashqee d851H

And many other great scholars of hadeeth.


Sultaan Mahmood bin Muhammad Gujratee d945H, many of the people of hadeeth would visit him so much so that his area was likened to Yemen (Nazhatul-Khawaatir)

Haafidh Jalaal ud deen Suyooee d911H

Haafidh Shams ud deen as-Sakhawee d902

Shaikh Muhammad bin Muhammad al-Maalikee who was famous with the words The King of the Scholars of Hadeeth. (Nazhatul-Khawaatir)

Imaam Najm ud deen al-Ghaitee d984H

Abul-Barkaat ibn al-Kiyaal d939H

Muhammad bin Dawood an-Naseemee al-Manzlaawee d901H he said, “We have no Shaikh or teacher except the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam)” (Shudhraat adh-Dhahab)

Shaikh Alee al-Muttaqee d975H

Allaamah Muhammad Taahir Patnee d984H

And these are the great scholars of hadeeth of this era who have passed.


We have the likes of

Najm ud deen ibn Ghazaa d1061H

Taaj ud deen bin Ismaeel Gujraatee d1007H he was a Haafidh of all 6 books of hadeeth (Nazhatul-Khawaatir)

Qaadhee Naseer ud deen al-Burhaanpooree d1031H, he would give precedence to hadeeth over qiyaas, opinion and statements. (Nazhatul-Khawaatir)

The historian Ibn al-A’maadee d1033H

Allaamah Alee al-Qaaree al-Hanafee 1014H

Allaamah Muhamamd Akram Nasrpooree

And they are worthy to be mentioned.


We have the likes of Muhammad Faakhir Ilaaabadee d1164H and he authored poems with regards to differing issues and in praise of the Ahlul Hadeeth ie Raf u-Yadain (Nazhatul-Khawaatir)

Makhdoom Muhammad Ma’een Thathawee d1161H

Makhdoom Muhammad Haashim Thathawee d1174H

Allaamah Muhammad as-Safarainee d1188H

Muhaddith Ameer Yamaanee as-Sana’anee d1182H

Imaam ul-Hindh Shaah Waleeullaah d1176H

Allaamah Abul-Hasan Sindhee d1136H whose notes on the 6 books of hadeeth and Musnad Ahmad are famous.

Allaamah Muhammad Hayaat Sindhee d1136H who authored ‘Tuhfatul Anaam Fee Amal B-Hadeeth an-Nabee Alayee Wasallatu Wasallam in which he rebukes Taqleed and established the methodology of Ahlul Hadeeth.


Imaam Muhaddith Muhammad bin Alee ash-Shawkaanee as-Sana’anee d1250h

Shah Abdul Azeez Muhaddith Dhelawee d1239H

Imaam Mujaahid Shaah Ismaa’eel Shaheed d1246H

Allaamah Khurram Alee Bhalwaaree d1271H

Allaamah Muhammad Aabid Sindhee d1257H

Imaam ud-Dawah Shaikh Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhaab Najdi d1206H.

His grandson Allaamah Abdur Rahman bin Hasan d1285H

Allaamah Ahmad Tahtawee Hanafi d1231H

Qaadhee Thaanullaah Paanee Patee d1225H

Allaamah Haider Alee Taukee d1273H who authored a concise treatise on the issue of Raf ul-Yadain (Nazhatul-Khawaatir)

Allaamah Abdul Jabbaar Kamaaswee who said, “The belief of the Scholars of hadeeth and the people of the Dhaahiree thought are like a shadow on the Ummah from the companions of the Messenger of Allaah (Sallalahu Alayhee wassallam), so those who follow them from the general or specific people they are saved and they are Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jamaah” he also authored a book on Taqleed (Nazhatul-Khawaatir)

The book of Allaamah Abdul-Azez Multaanee titled ‘Kauthar an-Nabee’ in which he writes, “The Scholars who are the inheritors of the Prophets Alayhis-Salaam they just the Ahlul Hadeeth” and he establishes from Imaam Ahmad that “the group that will always remain upon the truth about whom Messenger of Allaah has given glad tidings about they are the Ahlul Hadeeth.”


In this century many good people of Allaah have passed for example

Shaikh al-Kul Mian Sayyif Nadheer Hussain Dehlawee d1320 who taught hadeeth for over 50 years from one place. Most of the people of the knowledge of Hadeeth were either his students or his students students. I also have a chain going back to him. His book Ma’ayaar ul-Haqq alone is sufficient to promote the Ahlul Hadeeth.

Nawaab Siddeeque Hasan Qanoojee d1307H whose books in introducing the Ahlul Hadeeth are famous.

My father Sayyid Ehsaanullah Shaah d13557H whose treatise ‘Maslak al-Insaaf’ is an exemplary work for the Ahlul Hadeeth

My uncle Allaamah Sayyid Dhiyaa ud deen Shaah who translated Sunan Tirmidhee in Sindhi for the Sindhi people and made the ideology of Ahlul Hadeeth very open and easy for the people.

The Imaam al-Mufassireen al-Ustaad Abu-Wafaa Thanullaah Amritsari d1367 whose efforts for the Ahlul Hadeeth the whole world will remember. His newspaper called Ahlul Hadeeth continued to be published for many years.

Nawaab Waheed uz-Zamaan d1328H

The Muhaddith of his time Allaamah Haafidh Abdullah Raupooree d1384H whose newspaper Tanzeem Ahlul-Hadeeth which continued to be printed to spread the religion which later stopped. (note this has now been re-continued)

Allaamah Saif al-Qaatee Muhammad Jhoonaghadhee d1360H, whose books with the name Muhammadee are well known and he also had a newspaper called Muhammadi which was printed for a long time.

The Shaikhs of the Shaikh Muhaddith Allaamah Muhammad Basheer Sehsawaanee d1306H

Allaamah asl-Zaman Maulana Abul-Qaasim Saif Banarasee d1361H

Fakhar al-Muhadditheen Allaamah Abul-A’la Abdur Rahmaan Mubaarakpooree d1353H

The unanswerable Munaazir Abdul Azeez Raheemabaadaee d1320H

Allaamah Siraaj ud deen Madhupooree d1380

Ustaad al-Ulama Abdul Jabbaar Khandiyalwee d1382

Allaamah Shaikh Adeeb as-Sindh Muhammad Wafaa’ee d1369H

Shaikh Allaamah Khaleel Harras d1392H

Allaamah Sayyid Rasheed Ridha d1353H

Shaikh Abdur Rahmaan Naasir as-Sa’adee d1376H

Munaazir al-Islaam Ahmad Deen Ghakarwee

Allaamah Abul-Ma’alee Mahmood Shukree Aloosee

Allaamah Abu Saeed Sharf ud deen Dehlawee d1381H

Allaamah Shaikh Abdul Sattaar Dehlawee d1386H

Imaam ul-Hindh Abul-Kalaam Azaad d1377H

Allaamah Ameer Ali Luknowee Hanafee d1337

Allaamah Haafeedhullah Nadwee d1362H who authored a book in defence of Ahlul Hadeeth     

We have the likes of Ashraf Alee Thanwee d1362H, Maulana Anwar Shaah Kashmiri d1352H and Allaamah Abdul Hayy Lucknowee d1304H and Rasheed Ahmad Gangohee praising the Ahlul Hadeeth in their books

Allaamah Qaadhee Yoosuf Hussain Hazaarwee d1352H

Allaamah Abdul Hayy bin Fakhar ud deen

Allaamah Abdut-Tuwaab Multaanee

Allaamah Abdul Haqq Multaanee

Allaamah Abdul Haqq Bhawalpooree

Alaamah Muhammad Ismaaeel Salafi

Allaamah Muhammad Dawood Ghaznawee

Allaamah Khan Mehdi Zamaan

Muhaddith Muhammad Hussain Bhatalwee

Qaadhee Muhammad Suleimaan Mansoorpooree

Allaamah Muhammad Ibraaheem Meer Sialkotee

These are some of the scholars we have books of in which they have praised the Ahlul Hadeeth.


We have the likes of Haafidh Fathe Muhammad Jehlumee Muhaajir Makkee

Haafidh Muhammad Ghondalwee

Maulana Muhammad Umar Dheepla’ee the explainer of Mishkaat in Sindhee

Shaikh Abdullaah bin Hamd Najdee

Allaamah Muhammad Saadiq Sialkotee

Allaamah Ehsaan Elaahi Zaheer

Allaamah Abdul Khaaliq Quddusee

Maulana Habeeb ur Rehmaan Yazdaanee

And many more from the people I have met in the different countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, A’raaq, Jordan, Palestine, Sudan, UAE, Yemen, Kuwait, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco. Also when I went to Europe I met many Ahlul Hadeeth in Britain, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and France. Also when I went to Canada and America I saw many Ahlul Hadeeth and they all fall under the hadeeth the Messenger of (Allaah Sallahu Alayhee Wasallam), “A group from my ummah will always remain upon the truth up until the day of judgement and they will not be harmed by those who oppose them…”

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