3 thoughts on “Allaah is Above the Sky,The Hadeeth of Mu’awiyyah ibn al-Hakam, Answering the Erroneous Claims of Nuh Haa Meem Keller

  1. As Salaamu Alaikum:

    I found this to be very beneficial. I humbly ask your permission to post this work upon our website (calgaryislam.com)

    There are many in Calgary that support this deviant. We have many soofies in Canada. Insha Allah if given permission to add to our website… We will indeed make it known that the work was donated to us by you.

    Barak Allahu Feek.

    Abu Imad Rasheed Ibn Gant
    Admin of The Calgary Islam Homepage.

  2. The book تكحيل العين بجواز السؤال عن الله بأين by صادق بن سليم بن صادق (available online for download) answers all allegations surrounding the slave girl narration.

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