3 thoughts on “Yes, We Do Have Witnesses Regarding the False Distortion of the Extremist’s In Sunan Abee Dawood- Shaikh ul-Hadeeth Sultaan Mahmood Jalaalpooree

  1. Bismillahir_rahmanir_rahim

    Alhamdulillah. This is a wonderful blog. May Allah bless us.
    May introduce myself. I am from Indonesia.
    I have a question that not connected to the subject above.
    The question… Do you have any idea.. a place in India that is similiar with the place of Shaikh Muqbil in Dammaj… as we know today it seems hard to go Dammaj… so then come to us about idea why don’t have study salaf to India? Any place of mahad or any mashaikh you recommend?
    Detail of answer will be appreciated. May Allah add your khoirun.
    Abu Muhammad.

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