Lifting the blame from the Imaams series part 15 – Yazeed ibn Mu’awiyyah part-1

Raful al-Laa’imah Aanil Ai’mah Series- Part 15

In Defence of Yazeed ibn Mu’awiyyah

Part 1


Series compilers and Trans:

Abu Hibbaan & Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari



Ameer al-Mu’mineen Yazeed ibn Mua’wiyyah was a believer with a correct and sound Aqeedah (belief) and accusing him to be a disbeliever is absolutely incorrect and a pure slander.

“Yazeed’s Islaam was correct as he was a believer.” (Wafyaan al-A’yaan Wa Abnaa Ibnaa az-Zamaan (1/328), Mir’atul-Janaan Wa-Ibratul-Yaqzaan Fee Ma’arifah Maa Ya’abir Min Hawaadith az-Zamaan (3/177).

Shaikh ul-Islaam al-Imaam Ibn Taymiyyah said, “Yazeed was from the teenage muslims he was neither a disbeliever nor a Zindeeq (heretic) he used to give a lot (of wealth in charity) and he was brave. He did not have the evil and bad things which the enemies attribute to him.” (al-Waseeyatul-Kubraa (pg.300), Majmoo al-Fataawa (2/41).

He also said, “This man (Yazeed) was a king from amongst the muslim kings and he was not like this and that (as the people claim).” (Minhaaj as-Sunnah (2/247).

He also said, “Rather the Islaam of Mu’awiyyah, Yazeed, Banee Ummayyah and Banee Abbaas is established with Tawatur (ie so many narration's) and similarly their praying, fasting and Jihaad against the non-believers is also established.” (Minhaaj as-Sunnah (1/163)

Abdul-Hayy Husainee said, “Attributing Fisq (open sinning) and disbelief to Yazeed ibn Mu’awiyyah is unlawful (haraam) and considering this to be lawful (ie these attributions to him) are unlawful (haraam).” (Nazhatul-Khawaatir Wa Bahjatul Masaama’a Wan-Nawaazir (7/514).

Ibn Hajr al-Makkee said, “Yazeed was a believer from amongst the believers.” (as-Sawaa’iq al-Meharqah (pg.223).

Mulla Alee Qaaree said, “Yazeed having Eemaan is not something which is hidden.” (Sharh Fiqhul al-Akbar (pg.88).

Ibn Khaldoon said, “A majority of the companions were with Yazeed and they did not hold it permissible to rebel against him.” (Muqaddimah Ibn Khaldoon (pg.217).

None of the four Imaams and the authors of the six well-known books of hadeeth declared Yazeed to be a disbeliever or a heretic

3 thoughts on “Lifting the blame from the Imaams series part 15 – Yazeed ibn Mu’awiyyah part-1

  1. very nice article..imam hanmbil wrote a book about zahideen,and he mention yazeed in his book…Is it right?what is the name of that BOOK?

  2. Jazakallah! That is what makes sense. We do not declare Yazeed a kafir, nor do we exalt him. May Allah bless all believers. (Ameen)

  3. I agree, thank you for these important quotes. May Allah reward you for spreading the true knowledge. There are lot of people out there, who speak without knowledge — or they under the disguise of ‘knowledge’, but they’re actually misguiding their followers.

    Jazaakum Allahu Khayran for explaining. Baaraka Allahu feekum.

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